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At Tamiya Circuit in Shizuoka Suruga-ku, endurance race has been carried out using the new product “Mazda Roadster” electric RC Car Series. For media-related companies a total of 13 team showed the fight that was incandescent participated. Full-scale RC course that was used in the television show “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” over the 1980-90’s “Tamiya Circuit”. Road paving and the layout is renewed in February this year, it’s very beautiful course. In this place which can also be said to be the Holy Land of RC course, endurance race of one hour of the Roadster only it became the inaugural. Pre-Release of the RC car “Mazda Roadster” one is provided, each team is subjected to the original color ring, various roadster entries. And “pain RC” also said the only Itasha that was attached its own character in, Hatsune Miku Cosplay Race Queen also appeared, had wowed the venue. Media against Roadster endurance race has been carried out 4-hour race with the vehicle, this time also said the RC version. Nantes also competed Mazda team participating in the actual vehicle race, how to address the serious, even while the harmonious was impressive.

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Contest to enjoy the model work of military model in the photograph. It has also received a large number of your applicants this year.
The gold medal of the scene photo department to finish like a real battlefield photo Chenghong Yoshida of “August 1944, Normandy” shone. Making crowded the Panzer IV, depth certain screen configuration and perspective, show the deep shade such great unity, yet this is also a surprise it is 1/48. Yoshida became the Gold Award of the continuous Following last year.
It works photo department to compete a reputation as a model work gold medal Kume Naoya’s “symbol of national prestige.” Impressive KV-1 tank was finished in green, directing the profoundness of rust and dirt has been well-thumbed painted in delicate for each body of the site. Moreover, even I felt the beauty of as photographic works. Clap is also important ready to serve as a photograph at least as much as modeling because it is a photo contest. Clap contest taste fun of modeling and photography, we look forward to tour de force of everyone next time.

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