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tamiya 12th shizouka robot contest

■ Toward a national convention Shizuoka tournament held
Robot contests that are actively held in various places. Shizuoka science Kanru-Ku-Ru planning exhibition room at the venue on November 21, 2015, creative ideas Robot Contest Shizuoka qualifying tournament for Junior High School Students was held. Robot design and production, it aims to improve the knowledge and skills through the announcement, and it has become a place of Shizuoka Prefecture exchanges each district of junior high school students through the tournament.
The tournament participation of 30 teams from 12 junior high schools in the prefecture (about 50 people). Competition foundation sector and utilization department, is composed of three applications division, each team takes up the challenge of the competition by using your own robot that was manufactured by using the classes and after-school technology department, by making full use of the remote control robot, mechanism degree of completion of the I competed the accuracy of the maneuver. This Shizuoka Prefecture team that topped the tournament won the berth to the Tokai-Hokuriku block tournament (Gifu held). In addition, you can participate in the national convention of January 2016 when winning higher in block tournament.

■ Basic department: “the first time for your 2015”
※ The department by the walking robot having a mechanism that can be manufactured in basic and basic knowledge and skills of teaching junior high technology and home economics.
· During the competition time of 90 seconds, the competition to compete the speed of up to come back and got the items in the shop area, starting from the start area.
Item 2 AA size batteries. It mounted on the robot team members entered the shop area.
– Competition, competition by remote control using a one-to-one wired remote control.
The size of the robot is, none of the limit height within width 200mm × length 200mm. It is assumed that moves are always walking, there shall be those that assist independence on something other than the foot.
Motor can be used up to two pieces of 130,140,260 type.


■ Advanced department: “Reversal of Paper cup”
※ Leverage fundamental and basic knowledge and skills learned in class of junior high technology and home economics, and department by advanced robot than the foundation sector.
· During the competition time of 90 seconds, and the competition to keep in the middle of the seven spot.
– An item that was connecting the two-color paper cup down on the color of the player’s side is pointing in the center of the spot
and Komu can win the spot.
– Competition, competition by remote control using a one-to-one wired remote control.
And size of the robot, within width 300mm × length 300mm × height 300mm.
Motor can be used up to four 130,140,260 type.

■ Application department: “The tug-of-war”
between-competition time 150 seconds, and the competition to attract the 9 ropes in the court center in the robot.
– Surprise Shot mechanism and by using automatic control robot that, it is possible to pull the rope for surprise Dokkiri mechanism.
– Competition, competition by remote control using a one-to-one wired remote control.
Robot at the time of the start of the competition, that fit within the width 400mm × length 400mm × height 600mm. Deformation after start free. The total weight of up to 5kg.
Motor can be used up to six things to a diameter of 20mm. Surprised Shot type and number of the mechanics of the motor is free.

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Exhibited from 8th to 10th January in Honk Kong Kang Yi Plaza in Taikoo Station Exit C

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Last year celebrated its 40th anniversary Tamiya RC model that is showing even more of climax. Was held in Tamiya RC hobby of experience event “Tamiya RC car festival” is the car in Tokyo Odaiba theme park “MEGA WEB (Mega Web)”. Electric RC Car experience running “Tri !! Tamiya RC” and RC car assembly classroom “Tri !! Tamiya RC School”, will be traveling on a rocky mountain in the RC car “rock crawling experience”, it is possible to ride in RC trailer “trailer ride experience “and the like will be held the event to be able to enjoy to experience the Tamiya RC model. Spectacular outstanding RC car race “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” on Sunday also took place.


This time, Mr. Komori challenge to paint the “silver” of the aircraft. Only silver paint that atmosphere is changed by the finish of the base, it is whether fun become what finish. It was delivered in raw delivery than Tamiya plastic model factory Tressa Yokohama studio.

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Would you like to talk of a person with an emphasis on news of, or do carefully tackle your to make want to subject. Where you worry and Arekore in the hand the base of the doll is also probably the best part of this contest. A number of masterpieces also said such of your sweat and tears crystal doll remodeling contest that celebrated its 44th, tour de force were received.


This Gold Award was reproduced famous caricature drawn on the Heian and Kamakura era Hidetoshi’s Shuto . The three-dimensional pose full of uplifting using anthropomorphic animals dolls skeleton. Natural colors that you image from Sumi-e can ask the trace of the height of the author of imagination and research. Silver was tailoring the fleeting rest of the soldiers in vignette style Junichi Mr. Nishijima . In good and skillful composition power of the details of the finish, it is the work that lively story is transmitted. Of Bronze Kozo Abe reproduce the colorful Dutch ships that are attracted by the eccentric KUNCHI festival. Appearance of loving dragged hand of force is the attraction. Effort Award large first participation in the look-alike of the activities of the group BABY METAL abroad Ohashi Yutaka , and anime world the three-dimensional was the valley Masato wins each. Both pedestal from doll costumes, is the work of work of the entire work feel the high technology and polite up to the background. 2015 second half, at once pushed the big star of the popular sports, and literary community has emerged. Big success of the Japan national rugby union team the world of the giants in the other party, especially the attention gathered Ayumu Goromaru player, is a comedian piece Matayoshi Naoki’s Akutagawa Award. Many people have been challenged in this subject as the current timely person also in the contest. 1st of continuing the continuous exhibition from the contest Sato Kunihiko’s the moment of routine pause and kick of Goromaru players, the contest’s first challenge Midori Kishida was made ​​of feminine point of view, “Fukuyama shock” the three works plus in is winning topic Award respectively. MM Award is impressive soldiers smile, put together the moments that have forgotten the fight Kenji Nagashima in the works of, Akira Mr. Yoshihara (15 years old) Junior Award is the motif of the film was released before his of Born It is.


Tamiya figure model is currently being developed using the latest digital modeling technology, we aim to create more high-precision product. Everyone please blown new life into this contest by all means use a new generation of dolls.

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Workshop held in DMM.make AKIBA

Cerevo and DMM.Make AKIBA the “workshop organized by Let’s make IoT mini four wheel drive that can be freely manipulated in Smartphone! “, the off-road type” Wild mini four wheel drive steering the “in smartphone, and throttle control can be remodeled thing. Cut without regret the 4WD mechanism the front part to structural 2WD reduction. The front section was produced in 3D printer original steering parts and wearing the, servo motor and gear to steering in.


Electronic tools using the soldering iron

Radio Control (RC) Partial The important thing is to manipulate it. In the case of ordinary RC, it is to communicate using the 2.4GHz band of RC dedicated radio band 27MHz / 40MHz and general-purpose at the transmitter and receiver, this time the wireless LAN module to use the, smartphone and the WiFi connection , such as Safari and It is controlled by the browser. Forward and raise your fingertip over the smartphone, lowering the recession, it will bend on the left and right. The driver for controlling the motor, the components such as capacitors and LED soldering iron are connected using, proceed to assemble.


Hobby and electronic tools, which spread with the advent of IoT era
Now smartphone is widespread, even if there is no dedicated transmitter WiFi connection by utilizing the smartphone, we were easily able to RC. Production costs also quite reasonable, half a day of production time is a blink. Although this time the participants were many adults, the first time children of the family are many, workshops which can be enjoyed even by children and had become.


(Note: The mini four wheel drive is a registered trademark of Tamiya)

Source: Gizmodo Japan



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At Tamiya Circuit in Shizuoka Suruga-ku, endurance race has been carried out using the new product “Mazda Roadster” electric RC Car Series. For media-related companies a total of 13 team showed the fight that was incandescent participated. Full-scale RC course that was used in the television show “Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix” over the 1980-90’s “Tamiya Circuit”. Road paving and the layout is renewed in February this year, it’s very beautiful course. In this place which can also be said to be the Holy Land of RC course, endurance race of one hour of the Roadster only it became the inaugural. Pre-Release of the RC car “Mazda Roadster” one is provided, each team is subjected to the original color ring, various roadster entries. And “pain RC” also said the only Itasha that was attached its own character in, Hatsune Miku Cosplay Race Queen also appeared, had wowed the venue. Media against Roadster endurance race has been carried out 4-hour race with the vehicle, this time also said the RC version. Nantes also competed Mazda team participating in the actual vehicle race, how to address the serious, even while the harmonious was impressive.

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