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As always great creativity and modelling skills.

Source: Tamiya, INC.

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Here it is, the newest addition to Tamiyas range of fun and stunt cars after the Mitsubishi Montero.  A true classic, the Volkswagen Type 2, also simply called the T1.

The team of Tamiyablog was very happy when Tamiya announced that car in 2011. Wild Willy was waiting too long for a new vehicle. And i knew, i had to have this kit, as soon as possible.

It´s  very nice to see the VW body sitting on the famous WR-02 chassis. A chassis i really like. The Wild Willy 2 is still one of my favourite runners.

It can be a great performer with some slightly modifications like oilfilled shocks, ball bearings and a 20T pinion.

Tamiya did a fantastic job on the lexan body. Masking the body and doing the two tone paintjob takes a while, but in the end you will be rewarded with one of the coolest looking Lexan bodies Tamiya ever made.

I chose a nice metallic orange for my T1 which i think suits the old VW very well.  The Wild Willy driver figure is well known from one of Willys old cars, the superb “Willies Wheeler”.

All in all i would like to thank the Tamiya Company for still producing such nice and funny cars like the VW Bus. The world of RC Cars is actual dominated from mostly boring and bad looking products which are mainly speed and bashing oriented. Tamiya is nearly the only  manufacturer who breaks this rule.  I would also like to mention the beautiful box  art picture of the VW kit. One of the very best ones Tamiya ever did. I really like to see  such a piece of handmade art in our computer dominated world.

Go for the Type2, it will take a smile on your face.  On the shelf and on the track !

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Kit No. 58527, Japanese release date late March and list price 13800 Yen.
Color ring decorated with black polka dots on a white base can be finished easily with a large sticker.
The chassis employs a color molding of purple, pink design that combines black wheels and tires is characteristic. Moreover, it is also set black white wheels and tires for traveling.
The item that was stuck to the wheel nuts and upright design, adjusters, etc., to detail which is integrated in the spring of white or pink.
Adopt a high-impact design of the original image while also followed the package, emphasized the design.

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As always, astonishing Japanese creativity and quality of execution.

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This is a project that has been in my head since the re-release of the Boomerang as I always liked the different coloured Mini 4WD Special versions of Tamiya classic buggies, Boomerang was my third Tamiya RC in my childhood and I like building the re-releases in alternative paintshemes which I wouldn’t dare on originals. Unfortunately this time I waited too long as Tamiya just released the first RC version of such a special, the Avante Black. Anyway, this is a 2008 re-release kit painted black and with blue plastic dampers to match the rest of blue parts (blue anodized dampers would perform better but not match so well), as well as a Black Motor Endurance with its black casing and blue endbell and quite rare vintage white tires. Unfortunately the weather is poor so photos could be better, still I hope it gives an idea of my plan.

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