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Annual event, Tobu Tamiya Modeler’s contest to be held in accordance with the Tamiya Modeler’s gallery Tobu Ikebukuro of summer. This year, which celebrated its 33 th we gathered a lot of work of even 187 points. Tobu awards, including the Tamiya Award, to each publisher Award and variety, such as a special prize Shoten, was newly set a four wheel drive mini prize this time. Shoten model club “presbyopia Zu” of middle-aged and older modelers have gotten even annual exhibition cooperation, it was also asked to review the Koji Ishizaka actor to serve as president this time. Entries only tour de force full of than ever with ideas and ingenuity to previous years, slowly and carefully selected while also worries greatly jury. In addition, Ishizaka-san also attended this year in the awards ceremony of the contest, was handed a trophy and a certificate of merit directly to the winner.

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RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (1) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (2) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (3) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (4) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (5) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (6) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (7) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (8) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (9) RC MAN Magazine No. 136 (10)

Source and more: RC MAN Facebook page


Many thanks and kind greetings to our colleagues of RC MAN! 😀

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The 20th TAMIYA Fighter Cup Final 2016


From 29.- July 31, 2016 they all came back to Sonneberg! – But not only the regulars, our “Super Stock” pilots. This year flocked plenty of new faces, the TAMIYA Fighter Rookies 20 TAMIYA Fighter Cup finals. From Sonneberg Mayor Mr. Voigt the best 200 young racers were warmly welcomed. This had to be measured in 70 qualifying races with about 1,000 other children at retailers or events and qualify to get hold of the coveted “Ticket to Sonnenberg”. For the finale, some riders from Holland, Belgium and Poland were at the start.


After the check-in of the drivers, there were among others on Friday tours of the logistics center of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP and the first competition of the “rookies” in the short race (slalom). In training the children and parents of the race course and tips for Model making was brought closer. In the evening, the now traditional bonfire took place and a great firework display was the conclusion of the first event day still shot.


On Saturday things got seriously early. After the driver’s meeting the heats and race on the on-road route could be started. While the driver of the first groups to drove at ever faster lap times, prepared other drivers and teams their vehicles for the competition “Germany’s fastest Fighter Buggy” before, which took place this year for the first time.


Here, finally, the question was even clear which Fighter Buggy is the fastest well. It was allowed to tune Tamiya DT chassis. The difficulty, however, was to obtain the power to the tarmac and the model in time to a standstill. So were brought up to the afternoon of the 70 vehicles to the starting line and the 15 fastest racers qualified for the final on Sunday. The 100km / h mark was by then just missed. When choosing the most beautiful body the children were no limits in terms of creativity. The jury was very impressed with the results. Whether the Pokémon Pikachu, Scrat from Ice Age with its nut, Wickie the sailor or the fire truck – in all models put a lot of passion and technical know-how. In the evening were in the tent all the winners of the Short-Race, the body Score and On -Road rating honored. In addition, the grid of the finalists for the “fastest Germany Fighter Buggy” was announced. Then was Finally, the large Tamiya Balloon Rally started, in which there is again to win many great prizes.


On Sunday then found the race held on the off-road track of Tamiya Raceway’s. The weather was really good to us and so we had top-conditions for a successful last day of the final. In addition, the resident club, the RC-Team Sonnenberg had conjured a beautiful race-track! Group by group and participants for participants gave their best to improve the personal best in the various runs. Afternoon finally had to give everything again everyone! Place everything but had lunch first finalists for newborn competition “Germany’s fastest Fighter Buggy”. And this spectacle was then also none of those present escape. Overnight was again tinkered honed and pondered. How to tickle it again a few km / h from the Tamiya-basement? All homework had wound up the team MZ-Modellbau done with coxswain Lukas Reip whose “Fighter” with rocket propulsion as support then still broke through 100 km / h mark and in the main race 101km / h and the following show running even 103 km / h burned into the asphalt !!! A class performance to the whole team and congratulations. The fastest car with normal electric power reached by the way 97 km / h !!!


Video for fastest Fighter Buggy Germany

After all finals competitions without incident and in a friendly atmosphere were over and all waited anxiously for the award ceremony.


Before the victory ceremony, only the so-called MIXED vote had to be constructed. This is the summary of the race results. Only those who are good in both disciplines may Fighter champion be! This was this year Piotr Trella (Poland) at the rookies and Lukas Reip . In class Superstock, which also contributed to the fastest Fighter Buggy Germany


The youngest participant, “Quinten Verloessem” (4 years) traveled all the way from Holland to the final.


In addition to the race many other attractions have been offered. A large Arial at that event was blocked for cars and could be used around the clock by the children are. When the battery had to be loaded once, you could with Bobby Cars, tractors and scooters BIG test his skills at BIG course, Go left out in the BIG bouncy castle or play in SMOBY village. When Fortune could make his fortune to the test and win many great prizes Company the Simba Dickie Group. For this, we thank you very all the sponsors!


Finally, we thank all for the successful event and especially the parents of children without such a nice hobby would hardly be achieved.

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■ Ladder chain four-wheel-drive vehicle


Using a ladder chain is the work of the four-wheel drive to convey the power. Reversible structure that can be run even if tipped over wearing the big tire. Of course, it is high off-road trip of four-wheel drive unique.


[Used parts]
● off-road tire set (70096) × 2
● ladder chain & sprocket (70142) × 1
● AAA battery box (with a single × 2 · reverse switch) (70152) × 1
● universal arm set ( Orange) (70183) × 1
● mini motor standard gear box (8-speed) (70188) × 1



■ Flywheel power Mammoth dump


A combination of the power unit impetus to wild mini four-wheel drive, converted into eco-friendly machines that do not use the battery. In powerful style, and then traveling to the powerful. (Two-wheel drive)


[Used parts]
● Mammoth dump (17013) × 1
● Universal plate set (70098) × 1
● flywheel power unit (70222) × 1



■ Solar Purupu Ru


It is work that proceeds as the energy generated by the solar panels slide in place of the vibration. You can change the direction in which the speed and advance it by adjusting the degree of curve of the foot.


[Used parts]
● pulley (S) set (70140) × 1
● transparent soft plastic material 3mm round bar (5 pieces) (70159) × 1
● solar panel-500MA 1.5V (76010) × 1
● solar motor 03 ( 76011) × 1



■ Remote control robot (arm crawler type)


The underbody of the remote control robot production set is ROBOT was up the off-road instead of the arm crawler. Grasp the mono in the robot hand, and off-road on a bad road while rotating the left and right arm crawler.


[Used parts]
● remote control robot production set (crawler type) (70170) × 1
● arm crawler tool set (70211) × 1



More construction details here

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April 29, 2016, in the international racing course of the Suzuka Circuit, Aero Avante, which is manufactured in 1 “1/1 mini four-wheel drive vehicle of Project”, made a rendezvous traveling and F1 machine Tyrrell 019.
Giant Mini 4wd AERO AVANTE runs world- famous Suzuka Circuit with Formula One “Tyrell 019”.

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Official site

Each of life. Each encounter.
Put the feelings, strong start running.

Everyone but everyone Racer.


People are living day-to-day while holding a variety of feelings.
Trouble in life, while conflict,
still to live toward tomorrow.
Keep running toward the front only, in like a mini four-wheel drive.

Age also different five four wheel drive mini racer also position.
Each of life. Each encounter.
Put the feelings, strong start running.

Everyone but everyone Racer.



Transfer student alone

The boy has been change schools on the outskirts of the elementary school away from the city.
We met model shop in the city of full of it do not know.
Where the encounter is going to change the boy.

Tomomi Matsuda

Born in August 2006
NHK “stopover” Haishima tree auditors
NHK BS premium “forbidden horror mystery grotesque TV”


Schoolgirl was heartbreak

Hula a schoolgirl in boyfriend loved. Email just be saying goodbye, rock bottom mood. At such times, the saved me was a fellow with the same hobby.

Yoshida 凜音

A high school student singer in 2000 was born.
In addition, he worked as a vocal band “MAGI © PEPA”.
Official HP Http://Rinneyoshida.Jp/


Youth of automobile mechanic

Childhood youth dream was a F1 racer.
On one occasion, rather than had to give up the dream, realize that in the process of being fulfilled.

Ken Sugawara

July 15, 1995 from Hokkaido.
Performers such as in the movie “Assassination Classroom,” “Chihayafuru” TV drama “stone of the cocoon,” “reprint can”.
Official HP Http://Dongyu.Co.Jp/profile/kensugawara/


Working people the first year of OL

OL had been full of hope of joining the first year.But just when had spent every day to be busy in work, I went changed by chance I met in that there.

Megu (Negicco)

Formed in 2003, the Niigata resident 3 we have used a couple of idle unit members. Also active as a DJ Megu!
Official HP Http://Negicco.Net/


Father of the son leaving the house

Bereaved wife, the day his son was brought up in one Otokode to the move in order to live alone. What was left in the room after leaving a son.

To Ideru Tatsuo

Born in Chiba Prefecture. Current office affiliation through the zero number museum mystic. As an actor, TV, active, such as on the stage.
The main appearance work, television “There is no mountain does not rain,” “Last mail 2 figs White Paper” movie “dogwood”, “Confessions,” “Beyond Outrage”, etc.




Tomomi Matsuda Yoshida 凜音 Megu (Negicco) Ken Sugawara Heideru Tatsuo
Sasaki Ikawa YuSusumu (special appearance) Yasuhito Naito (special appearance) Naoto Kawachi (special appearance)
Daiyume Ishikawa Tsuchiya Minamito Terui Yushi Takeda Hanakoi Koyama MaiYu Hando 耀 Kikuchi Sakisato Yamazaki Lin Ran Honda
Planning and production
Ltd. Tamiya
Dentsu East / AOI Pro.
Creative Director Sejima Yuta Account Executive Okada Kazumaru Copywriter TomiTsuyoshi
Producer Takeuchi Applied Field Art director Takeshi Ito
Director Kei Sato Shooting Isao Sato Shooting assistant Shunichiro Yamamoto / Watanuki AkiraFutoshi Lighting Koji Oishi / Masaki Kaji person / Makoto Saito Music Sato Now
Production assistant Shota Kaneko / Teshiba Nozomimi / Komiya ten thousand seasons Steel assistant Kuzukan僚 Record Yoshikawa nobleman / Okumura HiroshiTakashi / Hiroaki Ishiguro
Costume Kazuhiro Irie (BEAMS) To Ameiku Mashino Miho / Hirata Narutaka Casting Junko Adachi
Vehicle Masahiro Yokogawa / Takanori Murata Colorist Ito Sota Online Yokoi Ayumu / Takayama Ryosuke
Web Production
Namiki Naoya (hisoka)
Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi Takiguchi model Fuchinobe elementary school Ishii builders