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ABB FIA Formula E Miniature RC Masterpiece based on Tamiya F104

Behind the scenes of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship’s epic radio-controlled car film, Street Level… Find out how the model cars were painstakingly made, and how the production team captured the incredible shots that made up Street Level. From drones and miniature tracking vehicles to close calls with trams and city traffic, here’s how this remarkable film came together.
Source: ABB Formula E YouTube channel

Exhibited works at Auto modeller gathering in Yokohama 2019 including several Tamiya models

Text and photos Toru Numata
On March 2, 2019, the “Auto Modeler’s Gathering in Yokohama 2019” was held at the Yokohama Plant Guest Hall in Nissan Motor in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. This event began in 2012 with the aim of deepening interaction between model car enthusiasts, “Nissan Automotive Technology Modeler’s Club (NATMC)”, an in-house club of Nissan Group’s vehicle development company Nissan Automotive Technology . If it is a model of peaceful use car (regardless of the number of wheels), it is OK for participation regardless of scale or material, no participation reservation or cost is required. We brought the work of the day and exhibited it, and modelers talked to each other for a model consultation. It is a unique event where the low level of threshold that anyone can easily participate and the height of the level where the participants also have a promeller are living together. Let’s introduce about the model of the road car in the first part, among about 1000 works exhibited by participants who counted about 300 people.
Source in Japanese language: webCG Car Grahpic

Tamiya Mini 4WD is on the mask of a tribe? A solo exhibition that displays and sells the body made by collaborating stickers

By Murakami Nomoto

The artist Funny Dress-Up Lab, who creates works from mini 4WD’s dress-up stickers, will hold an unknown tribal mask of the mini 4WD body at the art gallery “TOMIGAYARRD” in Tokyo / Fudagaya from February 23rd We hold a solo exhibition that sells and sells the work “mask series” that I regard as ” Until March 10th.

The limited time mini 4WD shop “Tomigaya model store” is also open at the venue. You can also purchase mini 4WD, optional parts, scale model with Tamiya model.

The artist ‘s Funny Dress – Up Lab was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1978 and lives in Kyoto Prefecture. It is fascinated by the color, shape, version misalignment etc. of the sticker for dressing up the mini 4WD, and uses only stickers that do not process, creating a collage work.

■ Funny Dress-up Lab Exhibition & Tomigaya Model Store Pop-Up @ TOMIGAYARRD
Date: February 23 – March 10
Time: Thursday and Friday from 15: 00 to 20: 00, Saturdays and Sundays from 13: 00 to 20 : 00, Monday Tuesday – Wednesday 1
Address: 2-44 – 12 – 1 F, Futagaya, Shibuya – ku, Tokyo

Source in Japanese language: WWD Japan

Tamiya Special Racing Buggy and the Terminator movie

Tamiya radio control gearbox has been diverted (right and left) to the most distinguished name “gobcha meka” at the head of the end skeleton. The one owned by T – STUDIO is a 21st – century version (some old specifications must be obtained one day …) with some specification changes. Because many Japanese parts made of plastic parts have been diverted inside, so also on occasion.

What makes movie props fun is that these ready-made items are diverted. Twenty years of hardship to identify this part …. I found out that it is still available in home country, and ordered in large quantities. Until now, we have made our own by guessing the dimensions, but at last this “finally the same spec as authentic” comes true. A world of complete self-satisfaction.

Parts that should originally play the core of radio control, parts that should play an important role of tank …. In the early 1980s, they might have felt “It was not born to be used like this” at the beginning of Hollywood’s studio in the head and chest of the terminator. However, it gains “another existence value” and it is now proud as a part of the symbol of masterpiece movies [complete]

The basic silhouette is handmade by clay, but ready-made items are being diverted in detail parts where sharpness is required

Source: T-STUDIO Hatanaka Makoto @ Twitter

Tamiya Plamodel Factory 10th 1/48 Modeler’s Contest Winning Work

Source in Japanese language: Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi