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Tamiya Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro & HG Tweezers overview video RC Driver

There are some RC builders that will use whatever tools they have on hand to build and work on their RC equipment. And there are those that want the right tool for the job. When it comes to building Tamiya cars and some other brands out there, having the right tools for the job is necessary unless you want to chance running into problems. Tamiya offers a full service modeling experience and therefore has the right tools for building their RC cars and models. We have added the new Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro to our Tamiya collection as well as some of the bits they offer and even the new HG Tweezers. These helpful tools make getting builds done easier and are much less likely to damage hardware. In this video, we give you an overview of these tools so you can see them up close and even in use.
Featured products
Tamiya 74152 Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro
Tamiya 74155 HG Tweezers
Tamiya 69932 (+) Screwdriver Bit Short
Tamiya 69933 2mm Hex Wrench Bit
Tamiya 69934 7mm Box Wrench Bit

Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Created to conquer – The Tamiya VQS (2020)

Besides the Tamiya Avante, probably the most beautiful and most famous Tamiya 4WD buggy of the 80s, there were also three other buggies in this series of cars. We all know the Egress, as it was the last “expansion stage” of the Avante before the scepter was handed over to the “Top Force Evolution”.
The two “entry-level models” in the competition, the “Vanquish” and the “Avante 2001”, were somewhat in the shadows.
Both models were technically almost identical and should be suitable for entry into the rc racing competition.
The use of a plastic tub chassis kept costs down. The “Vanquish” in particular was able to shine visually.
And this one has now been reissued as “VQS”. Naming rights have probably forced Tamiya to change the name to “VQS”.
Nonetheless, one of the most beautiful Tamiya buggies of the late 80s era. This buggy combines a beautiful classic color scheme with a very modern futuristic styled body, as well as, given the Hotshot and Thundershot series of vehicles, much more modern technology.
The “new” VQS kit comes with a pre-painted body, which allows the inexperienced model maker in particular to complete the model much faster.
We are particularly pleased about the improvements Tamiya gave the “VQS”. CVD’s front and rear, as well as the aluminum milled steering knuckles at the front were taken over from the Avante and Egress. In addition, the buggy is practically completely equipped with ball-bearings. Only 6 small ball bearings still need to be added.
Tamiya also has made a very nice bonus for the “VQS”. The “VQS Hi Cap Damper Set 47455”. We all know and love these dampers from the 80s. Also suitable for many other cars of that time. We have also equipped our “VQS” with the new Hi Caps. Visually and technically a real pleasure.
Overall, we went the classic way with our example. A Tamiya Super Stock BZ brushed motor and the Tamiya Hi Torque Servo Saver complete the car.
As with every Tamiya car, building it was a real treat. And the builder is rewarded with a beautiful model after completion.
We at TamiyaBlog are very happy about this iconic re-release. A real beauty, the new Tamiya “VQS” (2020)

Many thanks to Dickie Tamiya and Tamico for providing us with the Tamiya “VQS” kit.

Just add some electronics & go! Tamiya 46701 Lunch Box X-SA video review by RC Driver

Here’s a true classic in the RC world, the Tamiya Lunch Box. This iconic custom RC van is easily recognizable and a favorite among many RC enthusiasts who have been in the hobby for a long time. In the past this RC was offered as a kit and then a Ready To Run and even a special edition offering. Now, it’s available in another form, an X-SA kit. X-SA stands for Expert Semi-Assembled which means the Van arrives professionally built and detailed from Tamiya with motor and ESC also included. All you need to do with this kit is install a radio system, servo, battery and go! Pure Tamiya RC fun is right at your finger-tips with this easy to finish kit. In our review we go over the kit’s features, it’s assembly and take it out for some old school bashing fun. Want to experience some of the best of RC’s past? The Tamiya Lunch Box X-SA might be the ticket.
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Satoshi Maezumi (Paisen RC) video review of the Tamiya Lunch Box

The lunch box, named after the “lunch box” that carries lunch, is a particularly popular machine among the big tires. In spite of its comical appearance, it speeds up and you can enjoy a very powerful run.
It is an all-round, highly runnable machine with agile movement and handling.
In addition to the XB finished product that can be played right out of the box, the conventional assembly kit is also on sale. You can purchase it at your local hobby shop or RC specialty store.
Souce: パイセンRC (Paisen RC) YouTube channel

Legendary RC car returns with updates! Tamiya VQS 2020 4WD off-road buggy video review by RC Driver

Tamiya continues to bring back some classic kits that old school RC fans really want, the latest the Vanquish, but as the VQS. The Tamiya VQS is very closely based on the Vanquish, but has a few tweaks to bring it up to 2020 specs. Sure you still get that sleek buggy styling, the unique 4wd driveline, the streamline suspension set-up and tires that can tear up a dirt field. But the changes are in the name, electronics, and a few other tweaks. If you remember the Vanquish and always wanted one, you need to check out the VQS. If you’re just into unique RC cars and fun building experiences, then the VQS is right for you too. In this video, Greg goes over the details of the buggy and takes it out for a drive in the dirt. By the end of the video you’ll see this fun all around RC kit perfect for any Tamiya fan!
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel