Tamiya 63781 Official Mini 4WD Guide 2024-2025

The annual super-speed mook book that condenses the fun of Mini 4WD
The “Mini 4WD Super Speed ​​Guide”, loved by people who enjoy Mini 4WD, is on sale again this year! It introduces detailed explanations and strategies for the “GREAT TATSUDOSHI AR CIRCUIT 2024”, the official circuit of the Japan Cup 2024. It also explains the know-how for “making” a machine that will win the race, from a complete catalog for “selecting” a machine. In addition, it is full of information for enjoying Mini 4WD, from a guide to participating in races to “play” with Mini 4WD to the core of settings as talked about by champions.

・Powered by FDK Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2024 Drive on Yokohama Tire GREAT TATSUDOSHI AR CIRCUIT 2024!
・Celebrating! “Bakusou Kyodai Let’s & Go!!” 30th anniversary of the start of serialization by Koshita Tetsuhiro-sensei ・Question and answer!
・Current machine all-catalog ~ Thank you! 30th anniversary of the birth of full-cowl mini 4WD
・Super-fast data file for upgraded parts
・How to build MS Flexible chassies ~ How to make MS Flex
・The world of attractive and unique machines selected by the Mini 4 Doctor
・Expanding Mini 4WD x Learning
・Real Concours d’Elegance is fun after all!
・Let’s try competing in the Mini 4WD Station Challenge!
・22 Mini 4WD Stations across Japan
・Let’s compete in the highest level race! Guide to participating in the Japan Cup
・Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2023 & Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2024 Champion Machine Gallery
・Held for the first time in 4 years! MINI4WD WORLD CHALLENGE
・Champions talk! How to set up a super fast machine

Appendix: Special paper parts tray

○ Format and number of pages: A4 wide, 102 pages
○ Appendix: Special paper parts tray
○ Published by: One Publishing
○ Author: Get Navi Editorial Department