Some future Tamiya static (re-)releases

21178 1/12 DUCATI SUPERLEGGERA Assembled
24064 1/24 TOYOTA SOARER 3.0GT LIMITED (limited edition reissue for the Toyota Soarer 3.0gt Limited originally produced in 1986 with updated decals, instruction manual and metal transfer parts)
24365 1/24 TOYOTA SOARER 2000VR-TURBO (original part number 24019 from 1981 with updated decals and instruction manual)
25210 1/24 LANCIA STRATOS TURBO ALITALIA (limited edition reissue of the 1/24th scale Lancia Stratos Turbo originally sold as 24003 in 1977 with updated decals, wheels and instruction manual)
35060 1/35 GE DESTROYER MARDER II (limited release)
35070 1/35 ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER M3A2 HALF-TRACK (limited release)
35081 1/35 US M16 HALF TRACK (limited release)
35083 1/35 US M21 MORTAR CARRIER (limited release)
35139 1/35 US M4 SHERMAN M4A3E2 “JUMBO” (limited release)
35162 1/35 GE CARRO MARDER 1A2 (limited release)
60204 1/35 PTERANODON