Tamiya 63303 “Tamiya Model Work” book written by Shunsaku Tamiya

From wooden models to plastic models, RC models and mini 4WD, Tamiya Models’ Work, which describes the path taken by Tamiya Models through numerous interesting episodes, is now available in a paperback edition of a reasonable size and price. In addition to the contents of the long-selling hardcover edition, the book also contains secret stories about the development of aircraft models, waterlines and F1 models, as well as a large number of valuable photographs. (A paperback and e-book edition are now available.)


Chapter 1: A happy encounter with wooden models
This is how I met models. Is that the inverted gull-shaped wing?

Chapter 2: Turning to plastic modelling in tears
The first model “Battleship Musashi” suffered a huge deficit and made me hungry.

Chapter 3: The Mold is the Life of Plastic Models
The arrogant mould maker, but we have no choice but to endure. Why? The rapid decline of the slot car boom

Chapter 4: Research is the basis of model making
The Aberdeen Tank Museum: a series of discoveries ●The Tamiya Hall completed at the Bovington Museum ●Participation in the restoration of the “Seiran” at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum ●Flying to Israel to cover Soviet tanks ●Covering snow at the Patton Museum at seven degrees below zero ●The wonderful staff who will never be forgotten ●The rival is “Air”! Fix Magazine”? The first issue of “Tamiya News” ●The launch of “Soldier Dolls” greatly expanded modeling expression ●”Pose before two frames”, a secret of Yasuo Otsuka ●Modelling the Schwimmwgen, a famous supporting character on the battlefield ●The joy of dioramas is to weave stories ●Why are tank models so popular ●The birth of unique water lines ●Take Ueda Meeting Hachiro-san

Chapter 5: Going all out is the world of the hobby
The only way is to buy a real Porsche 911 and take it apart ●Former accounting department employee who developed a “quiet RC car” ●Electric RC cars are developed through education that respects employee autonomy Tamiya’s RC cars kick up sand in California. Solar-powered cars – The face of Tamiya in the world, created by F1

Chapter 6: 18 Years of Mini 4WD with its peaks and valleys
The first Mini 4WD failed to win the hearts and minds of children ●The Mini-4WD developed as the younger brother of the Wild Wheelis ●Let’s completely change the design to the speed type ●Children are geniuses at modification and inventors ●Popularity plummets! The Mini 4WD boom is back with a full cowl ●Ingenuity and determination are the real appeal of Mini 4WD racing ●Tamiya’s “Seriousness” is packed into the Mini 4WD.

Last Chapter: A Foreigner’s View of Tamiya Models
Memories of Shunsaku Tamiya Towards Tamiya’s 21st Century

Commentary by Richard Koo (Economist, Nomura Research Institute)

Shunsaku Tamiya, Bunshun Bunko
An e-book version of The Work of Tamiya is also available. Please use the electronic version, which can be easily read on a variety of devices. (Contents are the same as the paperback version.)
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