Limited scale model Tamiya 25207 1/35 Leopard 2A6 Tank “Ukrainian Army”

Item No 25207
Scale limited product
1/35 Scale Leopard 2 A6 TANK “Ukraine”
Scheduled to be shipped in late March 2023
*Detailed images will be added at a later date.
Price in Japan 5,060 yen

Overall length=314mm

German main battle tanks that have started delivery
The Leopard 2 was developed in West Germany in the 1970s and became the main battle tank of the German Bundeswehr. Among them, the A6 has significantly improved its offensive and defensive capabilities and has achieved further modernization. The turret’s wedge-shaped additional armor and the commander’s panorama sight equipped with a thermal imaging device were inherited from the previous A5, and the main gun’s 120mm smoothbore gun was extended to 55 caliber. The muzzle muzzle velocity and armor penetration have been greatly enhanced by increasing the barrel length to more than 1 meter. The A6, which began to be deployed in 2001, has earned trust by operating a type with its own renovation in Greece and Canada. And in January 2023, the German government announced the provision of its own A6 to support the Ukrainian army against the invasion of the Russian army.

About the Model
A 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Leopard 2 A6. ★Length: 314mm, Width: 107mm. ★The powerful style with the long-barreled 120mm smoothbore cannon has been realistically modeled. ★Wedge-shaped additional armor on the front and sides of the turret is realistically finished. ★Clear parts for headlights and taillights. ★Easy-to-use belt type tracks. ★Various slide marks such as the national flag and the white cross, which is a symbol of victory in Ukraine. ★Product packaging uses new original drawings.

4 thoughts on “Limited scale model Tamiya 25207 1/35 Leopard 2A6 Tank “Ukrainian Army”

  1. Scott Millican

    Too bad that it’s the wrong mark of tank. To my knowledge, no one has given Ukraine Leo2A6 tanks. All of the Leo2s given are of the 2A4 version.

  2. admin Post author

    According to a news article these are the planned ones, which would mean Tamiya is correct:

    Poland: 14 type 2A4 tanks
    Canada: 4 type 2A4 tanks
    Norway: 8 type 2A4 tanks
    Spain: Probably 4-6 type 2A4 tanks.
    Germany: 14 type 2A6 tanks
    Portugal: 3 Type 2A6 tanks

  3. Christian Mandelartz

    Further 8 Norwegian Leopard 2A4 will are announced, as well announced Sweden to deliver up to 10 x Striksvagen 122 what is a Swedish Version of Leopard 2A5.
    Officially it was told to deliver Leopard 2 tanks for 2 battalions what means 2 x 31 tanks (an Ukrainian battalion has 3 tank companies with 10 tanks each + 1 for the chief).

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