Tamiya 47489 Egress Black Edition build video

The Tamiya Egress Black Edition is the latest line of Avante series cars from Tamiya, officially released on 20th November 2022. It’s a fantastic build experience and will drive like a standard Egress as it shares all the parts. I’ve added my own flavour with the iconic custom brushless Sport Tuned motor. It stands out on my shelf. Also looks great as a new in box with it’s blister pack presentation. It certainly is better in the flesh. The only thing I would change is to have silver / chrome instead of the matt grey wheels. Then again I think the Tamiya designers intended this to be subtle & classy.

Video Chapters
00:00 – Unboxing
04:02 – Brushless Sport Tuned Motor
05:30 – Gearboxes, Central Drivetrain & Chassis
20:42 – Rear Suspension & Drivetrain
30:33 – Front Suspension & Drivetrain
38:43 – Steering Rack
41:46 – Dampers
48:15 – ESC, Receiver & Servo
51:40 – Wheels & Tyres
53:22 – Body, Wing & Undertray
01:09:50 – Firing It Up
01:10:48 – Completed Car

Source: T-StudioWorks