The 2nd edition of the actual RC essay manga serialised in the web magazine “Manga Cross” is now on sale

63751 Is it possible to radio control from 40 years old? TYPE-S

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This is the second edition of the book based on the real story RC essay manga “Is it possible to radio control from 40 years old?” He reunited with the machine he admired in his boyhood and restarted his RC life at the age of 40. The author, who pushes forward on the Hobby Highway, passionately draws the increasingly powerful RC love. There is no doubt that you will sympathize with the little questions, worries, and joys related to your hobby. Continuing from the previous work, there will be many machines that hit the hearts of the 80’s buggy boom generation, such as Wild Willy 2, Holiday Buggy and Buggy Champ. Also, don’t miss the special column of Satoshi Maezumi of Tamiya Racing Factory. It is a book that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people from beginners to veterans.

Format / number of pages: A5 size 208 pages
Issued by: Akita Shoten Co. , Ltd.
Author: Shuji Abe
Interview cooperation: Tamiya Co. , Ltd.

“Is it possible to radio control from 40 years old? I can assure you that radio control is incredibly interesting!” Talk show commemorating the release of the book (YouTube)

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