Modified trucks based on the Tamiya 1/14 RC trucks driving huge distances in convoys

One of our readers kindly sent us photos and details about their hobby project based on Tamiya 1/14 RC trucks which we gladly publicise here:

I am happy I can show you our project. We did start Trucking 3-4 years ago, mainly we use them just as support vehicle for our tank battle days, recovery or just as spare part supply trucks in the fields. Surely sounds strange but our playground is always relatively far away from the parking place so the trucks help us. Than a cheap truck brand showed up and I wanted to test it what is possible with it and start a walk but mostly it did break down after 4km. After a wile some of our tank battle friends showed up to and the first Konvoi was made about 10km.

Some of us got heavy problems with the feets so we did break of after 60km. That was a pain, but we also had a lot of failures, but now we are 300% better than last year so I think it could be successfull in 5 weeks.
Here you can find our website and most of our trucks listed or here in Facebook If you have questions or want to hear more stories of our trails let me knew. Our drives are normally: 10km for technical measurements, 30 and 40 km for conditional training and long term tests. So it becomes a join between marathon sports and modelling lol but that’s whats make it so impressive and challenging for us. I can tell everyone, just to try it. Surely old guys trailing with little truck looks funny, but all kids love us and most of the people we meet on the trails.