More details and photos of Tamiya 24355 1/24 McLaren Senna

Release date and price undecided

Total length = 198 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

Uncompromising supersports bearing the name of a legendary driver
McLaren Automotive, which forms the McLaren Group with McLaren Racing participating in F1 races, is in charge of developing and selling high-performance supersports cars. The McLaren Senna is the super sports car that the company unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Show. Named after the legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna, this machine was developed with the concept of “a road car that demonstrates the best performance on the circuit.” A mid-engined 4-liter V8 twin-turbo engine that delivers 800 horsepower is mounted on a lightweight body that uses a lot of carbon fiber. The body thoroughly pursues cooling, aerodynamics, and downforce of each part. It features an aggressive form reminiscent of a racing car, which sets it apart from smoothness. Although it was a limited production of 500 cars, it attracted attention because it was already sold out at the time of the announcement.

Model outline
★ 1/24 scale, total length 198 mm, total width 91 mm, total height 51 mm. ★ The complex body shape that pursues aerodynamics is reproduced as it is in the actual vehicle. ★ Parts are divided for ease of painting, such as molding the window frame on the monocoque side and separating the seat and pad as separate parts. The brake caliper and disc are also separate parts, so it is also a point that the disc rotates. ★ The V8 twin-turbo engine has a sufficient three-dimensional effect while reducing the number of parts. ★ Not only the front radiator but also the rear side radiator is modeled. ★ The spartan interior has a real finish. ★ The gas strut for opening and closing the door is a separate part. ★ The instrument panel can be expanded or retracted. ★ Metal inlet marks are available for the McLaren logo. ★ The tires are made of solid rubber with a texture. ★ The front wheels can be steered. ★ European specifications, North American specifications, and Japanese specifications can be selected and assembled.

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  1. David Sutherland

    Looks amazing can’t wait to get one, two, ahhh maybe three.
    Would love to have an advance kit to build for a review….hint hint Tamiya.
    Looking forward to your next 1/24 release…maybe a 1/24 Raptor?

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