7 thoughts on “Upcoming RC Tamiya 58686 Vanquish VQS (2020) re-release!

  1. Gavin

    Let’s hope the rere doesn’t come with a carbon chassis as I feel the plastic chassis is what makes the Vanquish different and special.

  2. Gøran Øierås

    Hope for stronger G part and Tbl02 esc 🏁
    Other than that, it is a great runner with good handling.

  3. sonny

    I had never issues with suspension but 1 arm has broken when mine was running back in the day.
    Will pickup one and grab me some option parts as well if they come out.
    For sure the 47455.

  4. DrTamiya

    These are great new re-release news because owners refuse to run them anymore as parts cost a National treasury to purchase, but please run new batches of the Fighting Buggy AKA Super Champ and Novafox Also please bring back the Falcon and Ford Ranger F-150 SRB…I agree with Avante 2001, awesome kit.
    Japanese translation:
    所有者が国庫の購入に費用がかかるため、所有者がそれらを実行することを拒否したため、これらは素晴らしい新しい再リリースニュースですが、Fighting Buggy AKA Super ChampとNovafoxの新しいバッチも実行してください。FalconとFord Ranger F-150も返してくださいSRB …私はアバンテ2001、素晴らしいキットに同意します。

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