Tamiya 95204 Mini 4WD Car Catcher (Mini 4WD Station/Blue) re-release

Safely and securely catch a running machine
It is a tool that can be easily assembled without using adhesives or screws to safely catch the Mini 4WD running on the course. Produced by bending 0.75 mm thick PP (polypropylene) material. Three small ribs are set on the bottom to slow down the machine and prevent tire lock after catching. The assembled Mini 4WD catcher can be stored in the portable pit (bottom row). The color is blue, and the logo of the Mini 4WD station is printed in white.

Basic specifications
Width 110mm, length 190mm, height 70mm. 0.75mm thick PP (polypropylene) material is used. *Do not use cleaners, etc., as it will print.

First release month
May 2015