Stay Home & Drive an RC Car! Tamiya Comical Frog Buggy video review by RC Driver

Looking for something to do? Want to pick up a fun hobby? Maybe you’re already in the RC hobby, but radio control cars are a great way to pass some time and have a ton of fun while doing so. What’s even better is you can really enjoy the radio control car hobby right in your home. In this video we give you a glimpse into what buying an RC car kit is like and how much fun you can have with one. Our vehicle of choice to show you the aspects of the hobby is the Tamiya Comical Frog Buggy kit. This kit you get to build and detail just like you can with a model and then you get to drive it! We’ll drive it indoors and outdoors. It’s an affordable kit and you can buy the rest of the electronics you need to complete it fairly inexpensively.
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel