Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2020 Releases

Like at the previous changes of the year

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, Mini 4WD, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments link at the end of this entry (comments are shown after being checked which can take some hours).

The team of TamiyaBlog sincerely thanks all of you
for our continuously growing community and
wishes everyone a superb new decade
full of joy and health with Tamiya!

126 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2020 Releases


    Hotshot II
    Peterbilt 379
    Peterbilt 359

    But above all and else…

    Avante 2001 the last piece of the Avante family ! Also in my opinion the best Avante Ever !
    Give Balmy Baldwin a chance to dust off his overalls.

  2. Alain Noël

    Tout en RC

    1 Une remorque pour le Volvo FH16 grumes 56360
    2 une carrosserie ABS sur le chassis CC02 serait bien venu exemple un Unimog ABS CC02
    3 Les carrosserie Lexan soient déjà découpées ou alors changées en ABS ! Ceserait vraiment plus réaliste.
    4 Une Ford Mustang Shelby ABS sur chassis TT02 full options
    5 Un MFU programmable et miniaturisé

  3. Max

    Mini 4WD
    Lightning Magnum Premium
    Blitzer Sonic Premium
    Rear skid rollers for other chassis.
    (*This is a interesting part that Tamiya brought back for use with Fm-a and MS chassis.
    Hope to see such part for use with other chassis like Super 2, AR/MA)
    Limited edition tires to pair with Great Magnum R and Cosmos Sonic.

  4. Brian Lee Popkie

    Tamiya has always been the frontrunner in FWD so a TRF FWD using belt driven FWD based on the TRF 420 with carbon and aluminum chassis options would be very well received. It has become a very popular race class and would do well in sales.

  5. Richard Durham

    1/48 Spitfire Mk IX
    New 1/48 A6M2 Model 21
    1/48 AMX-56 Leclerc MBT
    1/48 Challenger II MBT
    1/48 Leopard 2A6 MBT

  6. JohniGo

    a) Soviet tank T-55 in 1/48 scale
    b) Soviet tank T-35 in 1/48 scale

    I would like to see more Soviet armored vehicles on a scale of 1/48.

  7. Alexander

    I take a great interest in military vehicles during WW2 in scale 1:48. I would like to assemble light tanks, for example US light tank M3 or M3A1 Stuart. I have got 23 models in this scale. 48-scale is wonderful for military vehicles!

  8. Eugene


    I wish you all creative success in a hobby that makes us happy!




  9. SnhCollectibles

    F104 Lotus 99T in Camel yellow please, I always seem to miss them.

    More F1 cars in general actually 🙂

  10. David


  11. fernando ugalde

    1/12 current racing bikes and F1 cars
    “ENAMEL PAINT” cap labels, for mixing jars

    Happy new year

  12. Johnny

    Blazing Blazer
    Porsche 959 or Celica Grb
    TF Evo
    Dyna Storm
    1/12 Countach in ABS body
    Porsche 934 Black Special ABS body Re-re

  13. Craig Higgins

    Please Tamiya re release the Lamborghini Countach and Can Am Lola just like the originals. With the same chassis and body.

    Basically we want the original chassis….not the TTO2 or TRF.

  14. FromageTheDog

    No love for the Thundershot? Still really wishing for a release from this family. Also would be nice to see a re-re of the Striker!

  15. John Patrick Stevenson

    A thoroughly re-engineered P-61 Black Widow kit in 1/48, like the fantastic P-38 released in 2019. This aircraft would benefit tremendously from the current state of the art in scale Modeling.

  16. Keith

    Hi I’d love a rere of theb blazing blazer and hilux monster racer with the super astute transmission and Dyna Storm

  17. Fritz the cat

    -1/16 RC M26 Dragon Wagon
    -1/16 RC Sturmtiger
    -1/16 RC B1 bis
    -1/16 RC WW1 Mark 1
    -1/16 RC FT17

    -1/10 new bodies for M RC cars : Porsche 356, Lotus Cortina 67, Escort 70, R8 Gordini, etc…

    -Rerelease 1/10 old bodies for RC car : Mini, Honda S800, Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR, R5 Turbo, etc…


  18. suoshuihu

    1/16 RC tank leclerc/T80U/T90A/challenger
    1/16 RC tank M48/M60/centurion/chieftain(coldwar tank)

  19. Gary

    1/10 RC:
    1. King Cab / Hilux Monster Racer
    2. Falcon
    3. Dyna Storm

    1/12 bikes:
    1. Nsr500 ’98
    2. MotoGP bikes from 2018/2019 season

    1/20 F1:
    1. Leyton House CG901B
    2. F1 from the mid 90s, such as Benetton B194/195, Ferrari 412T2
    3. Benetton B188

    1/24 Auto:
    1. Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
    2. Mercedes G Class (both generations)
    3. Mitsubishi Pajero Paris Le Cap 1992
    4. Mercedes C class DTM 1994
    5. Opel Calibra V6 DTM

  20. a

    Hi Tamiya

    a. Tamiya could release
    1/12 Bike
    Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports

    1/24 Car
    Honda NSX GT3 Evo

    1/48 Military
    1.British Quad Gun Tractor
    2.German 18-ton Heavy Half-track FAMO and Tank Transporter Sd.Ah.116

    b. would like to see
    1/12 Honda CB1100 EX
    1/6 Honda Motocompo
    1/12 Toyota 2000GT
    1/12 Toyota FJ40
    1/24 Toyota Century GRMN
    1/48 Mercedes Benz Unimog 406
    1/48 German Full Track Tractor Steyer RSO/01


  21. Eric Evain

    1/20 Red-Bull Honda RB15 2019 – A winning Honda F1.
    1/24 Toyota Yaris WRC – World champion 2019
    1/12 MotoGP 2019
    1/24 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

  22. Sam

    1 – Hopefully some more RC models.
    2 – Peugeot 308 TCR/ Hyundai i30 N TCR/ Lexus LC 500 ZENT Super GT.

  23. Santiago O

    what I wish?
    1/12 motorcycles
    Honda RC45.
    Kawa Zx10R 2019 Suzuka 8 hours.
    Honda CBR 1000RR 2020.

  24. FACON Bob

    – 1/12 MotoGP 2019
    – 1/12 Ducati Panigale V4
    – 1/12 Ducati Diavel
    – 1/12 Honda CBR1000RR 2019
    – 1/12 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin
    – 1/12 BMW R-Nine
    – 1/12 Harley Davidson V-Rod
    – 1/12 MV Agusta F3

    And please :
    – Re-release all 1/12 GP500
    – Re-release all 1/12 M1 05′ & 09′

  25. Santiago O.

    What would I like?

    1/12 motos

    1- honda RC45
    2 kawa zx10r 2019 suzuka 8 hours
    3 Honda CBR 1000 RR 2020
    4 MOTO SBK 2018-2020
    5 MOTO GP 2018-2020.
    6 Honda RVF 750 1990 Suzuka 8 Hours
    7 kawa ZXR 750 1993 Suzuka 8 Hours

  26. Graeme Whitfield

    How about some british cars?
    A racing mk2 jaguar would be epic! How about a routmaster bus body on the G6-01 chassis
    A TR7 on a M chassis.
    We need a new mid motor rwd M chassis that can be used in kits as M08 is chassis kit only.
    A porsche 914/6 for M chassis would be good too.
    Other than that, more hard bodies!!
    Proper car hard bodies for on road cars so we can modify/detail them more than we can with lexan.

  27. Ricardo gonzalez

    Hello Friend, happy New Year 2020

    My Wishes for 2020 are !!!

    Scale models

    1/12 BMW S1000RR 2019, 2020
    1/12 Ducati Panigale V4R 2019 (different versions)
    1/12 Kawasaki ZX10R 2019, 2020
    1/12 Yamaha MT-10 2019
    1/12 Aprilia rsv4 2019

  28. Dominik

    My wishlist is short:
    Spitfires Mk.I to Mk.XVI in 1/72
    Continuation of Messerschmitt 109G family (and add 109F) in 1/72
    Continuation of Ki-61 family with Ki-100 in 1/72
    And P-38 in 1/72

  29. Glenn

    Happy New Year everybody!

    I’d love to see new 1/10 RC Off Road chassisi, e.g new TRF 504 od DB_-03 Chassis.
    I liked the DB01RR a lot, but since then not much happened in that segment.

    Also re-releases of Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40 would be a great.

  30. John Bromley

    CC02 with Monster Beetle body.
    CC02 with ABS Subaru Brat body.
    CC02 with Blackfoot body.
    MF01X Porsche 959.
    XV01 RC Ford Escort mk1 or mk2.
    TXT-2 Monster Truck with a new scale body, Clodbuster size wheels and tyres.
    Re-release of the Toyota Monster Racer and Nissan King Cab.
    If Tamiya can do just one of these, I’ll be a very happy bunny!

  31. mikep

    M-bodies: S2000, M-Roadster, NB & NC Miatas, old Toyotas & Hondas and many more.
    As usual we would like to see some new hardbodies (not only 1/14 truck), I know I am repeating myself.
    More original model reres (Mammoth, Ranger, B.Blazer, Yota pickup, 959, Carrera GT …)

    The biggest wish is: Tamiya please don’t become Nikko

  32. Mart

    We really need a 1/24 Toyota FJ40!
    With optional roof rack/lights, lift kit, bigger tires 🙂

    There are NO current model companies that have this model,
    I have a feeling Tamiya would knock it out of the park!

  33. Miguel F

    I wish any new bike but, in order:

    1.- Any jonathan rea Kawasaki ZX10 (5 times SBK worldchampion and Suzuka 2019!!!)
    2.- A modern MotoGP
    3.- An 90’s SBK (RC45, VTR, ZXR7, R7,…)

    Definitely, any bike 1/12

  34. Gerardo de Kort

    1/10 Lamborghini Aventador
    Redesigned F201 (4wd onroad platform, F1 / IMSA / WEC)
    Redesigned f103 front suspension or f104
    New helmets
    Oh, and King Cab
    Ps, thanks for the (super) Astute re release!!!

  35. Andrea

    1/6 VIntage bikes like Kawasaki Z900 or Laverda SFC750 or something similiar
    1/12 SBK motorcycle
    1/12 vinatge bike 1970/1980

  36. Graeme Whitfield

    How about bringing polycarbonate paint in jars back? Much easier for brushing or airbrushing and we can buy small jars for detail work.

  37. Mence Wilkinson

    Any new tool 1/12 static Model car
    Any new tool 1/6 static model motorcycle

    1/48 T-55
    1/48 Challenger

  38. Miguel F

    I Forget it, Any Moto2 looks well, with only one model we can build perhaps 30 distinct models…

    Hope that Tamiya considers our opinion



    There is another car Tamiya should consider very seriously, not an obvious choice but an on-road luxury car, with a scale interior perhaps injection moulded for super scale detail in 1/10 radio control format:

    Mercedez-Maybach S650 Ruby-Black Colour 2018 Model.

    Also in 1/10 Scale

    Lamborghini Murcialago Super Veloce with Rear Wing

    Lamborghini Aventador with Rear Wing

    An unbeatable trio of super-cars

  40. DJ Hall

    Happy new year all!!

    I’ve been liking some of the ’00 sedan re-re’s, especially on the TA02 chassis. What about the pre-runners? Those would be rad! Toyota, F150 and S10 😀 😀

  41. dunebuggy

    As every year, after seeing that the Karmann Ghia is coming, which i appreciate a lot, i hope for a M-chassis Lotus Europa from the 70´s. Tamiya made this car a while ago as a static kit, so it would be relatively easy to bring this car as an RC body. So here is my list:

    – Lotus Europe (classic version) on M06/08
    – new Ford Bronco 2020 on CC-02 chassis
    – new production batch of Fighting Buggy (Super Champ)
    – another SW-01 body version
    – more crawler oriented CC-02 chassis kit only
    – Hot Shot II re-release
    – 1/6 Big Scale static kit of the Ducati Panigale V4
    – more new 1/12 MotoGP bike kits
    – 4WD GF-01 based Comical Buggies
    – new more race oriented and more professional 4WD and 2WD buggies
    – Mud Blaster re-release (with original ORV chassis)
    – Top Force Evolution
    – Lamborghini Cheetah re-release

  42. Alex'

    My Wishlist:

    – A SRB version with ABS Dune Buggy body and bath tub chassis with inner fenders.

    – New CC-02 based Blazing Blazer with improved, more detailed ABS body version.

    – VW Kübelwagen with a bunch of waving Hippies on top!

    – VW Schwimmwagen with two figures, steering and releasing the propeller, rc operated.

    – A Mudd-Ox Vengeance 8×8 loaded with 4 persond and a dog or two, which can be attached all together or left off.

    – BMW 3,0CSL Alexander Calder Art Car with ABS and Lexan Body. Full masking kit, requiring to paint grafics on, rather than stickers. Maybe stickers for the lexan body…

    – Re-release Porsche 959 with an 1/10 ABS Body with opening doors and full interior. Street and Rally versions.

    – Re-release of Group C cars from Porsche, Mercedes, … in 1/10th scale.

    – Lamborghini Countach in an elegant early version, without rear spoiler, in 1/10.

  43. Alex'

    – Rear drive F1 chassis with independent suspension on all four wheels.


    Sky’s the limit 😉

    (Moderators, maybe you can edit my prior post, so that this one is added there at the bottom, thanks.)

  44. Chen SHI

    Every year, I send the wishes here. However, still not come true.
    Crazy for tamiya every day.

    RC release
    Hilux Monster Racer (New ABS body)
    Nissan King Cab (New ABS body)
    Blazing Blazer

    Porsche 356A (M chassis body)

  45. Mathew Cook

    I would love more than anything The Nissan king cab. Also any road/rally car on the ta01 chassis

  46. frernando ugalde

    1/12 Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP
    1/12 Honda NSR500V
    1/12 Aprilia 250
    1/12 SBK motorcycle
    1/12 Cagiva V594

  47. Peter Höller

    a rerelease of
    the Terra Scorcher,
    the original Clod Buster and
    the Porsche 959
    would be great !

  48. Alvin

    Here are my wishes:

    1/10 RC and 1/24 Static
    Renault Mégane RS
    Mercedes A Class
    VW Golf GTi
    Honda Civic Type R

    1/10 RC re-release
    Honda NSX NA1 (Group C chassis)
    BMW M3 E30

  49. Bonfy

    Mini 4WD:
    – Tom Ghody Special PREMIUM on S2 chassis
    – Shao Bay Ron PREMIUM on S2 chassis
    – Fluorescent Pink “A parts” for MA chassis
    – HG Light Weight 19mm Aluminum Bearing Roller (GREEN)

  50. SamHMS

    Lipo chassis of TRF416WE my absolute beloved racing trf!!

  51. Tony Truand

    What I wish to see for 2020 ? The FF01 re-release, especially the Golf Mk4 V5. This chassis was my gift in 1998 when I successfully had my bachelor’s degree. And I stupidly sold it few years after !

  52. Hugo

    Here’s my wishlist for static models

    1/24 Toyota Yaris WRC
    1/24 2020 SuperGT versions of the Supra, NSX and GT-R
    Re-issue of the 1/20 F1 Lotus 99T (the only Senna F1 that I don’t have)
    Maybe a new 1/12 bike

    I would be more than happy with this, and have more than enough models to build throughout 2020.

  53. Reinhard

    Toyota Celica GT-Four 1993 Castrol
    Tamiya Super Hornet
    Porsche 917 K or other versions

    TA02 Onroad and Rally CHASSIS rerelease
    It would be possible cause almost all parts are available.

  54. Steven Selasky

    1/12th Scale Lotus 72C depicting Jochen Rindt/Fittipaldi 1970 winning car.

    If Tamiya can do the Tyrrell 003 Monaco version – taking the Lotus 72D and engineering a 72C is not hard.

  55. José Fernando Cordeiro

    Rerelease of the Tamiya Toyota 4×4 Pick up, kit no. 58028!
    Keep up the goog work!

  56. José Fernando Cordeiro

    Rerelease of the Tamiya Toyota 4×4 Pick up, kit no. 58028!
    Keep up the good work!

  57. Jenny Ryan

    My number one pick which they should do is a 1/35 Iroquois Helicopter , in the sophisticated style of their 1/32 aircraft but of course compatible with the 1/35 vehicle range . Imagine the dioramas with it ? It could start a series of choppers for them , all with that style and sure fit they have become famous for . I can see someone doing the scene from Apocalypse now with one lifting the Pibber from Apocalypse now , now thats a diomarama !

  58. Pat

    1/10 RC wishes
    Re-release of the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI (kit no. 58128)!
    Re-re-realease of the Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo.II AMG (kit no. 58327 and 58108)!


    le top force evolution
    dyna blaster
    porsche 959 de rallye
    cela serai top d’avoir c’est reedition

  60. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Hello Mr. Tamiya

    My Whishes are !!!

    1/12 BMW S1000RR 2019, 2020
    1/12 Ducati Panigale V4R 2019. 2020
    1/12 Kawasaki ZX10R 2019, 2020
    1/12 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin same as 1/6

    Thank you very much.

  61. Antonio Sebastian

    What about an M26A1 “unarmored” Dragon Wagon, WW2 or post WW2, with a WW2 bedside?
    More GMC CCKW 353 variants ( with canvas), Dumper or metalic cabin ( 2 versions) or Workshop or Crane or Fuel or Water or whatever.
    New Stug IV early and late ( 2 in 1), new Flakvierling Mobelwagen, Panther A ( early and late).
    A Improved Willys Jeep ( with WW2 and post decals , used by almost every western country). SAS Jeeps .
    Improved Opel Blitz variants included half track variants.
    A really good modern Marder IFV with interiors.
    And the frech AMX-13 family variants.
    And more

    Thank you

  62. William Pierson

    I would love to see a 1/32 P-47 Thunderbolt Razorback. The ones currently available from Revell and Trumpeter are nowhere near Tamiya quality.

  63. Christopher Monnerat

    i would personally like to see tamiya produce more simple production cars. as you do now but more options. such as 90s hondas. accords, preludes. i feel as if when a company makes a model ccar weather its revell fujimi tamiya. stick to 1 generation of that vehicle I.E. 1994-1997.

    it would also be really cool if tamiya had touched the early American car community. the details that those cars have potential for, especially with photoetch and custom wires/work

  64. Robert Adolphus

    A nice quick win for Tamiya would be a release of the 1/48 Tomcat as the B version as most parts are available already. I had a dream they did the MiG-25 in 1/48, after all one did land in Japan.


    The original Falcon should be on the list of rereleases for 2021. It has a place in tamiya history that’s for sure and second the original Astute.

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