Tamiya Championship Series 2019 Finals Video

The 2019 TCS Finals were held at the HobbyTown HobbyPlex in Omaha, Nebraska.

Drivers from around the country converged to fight for the 2019 Title in 7 different classes: F1, Pro Spec, Novice, Euro Truck, Mini, GT1 and GT2, with the latter 3 being trip-winning classes to Japan.

This was a 3 day event; Friday was practice, Saturday saw 3 rounds of qualifying and Sunday having 1 round of qualifying and the main events.

After a great weekend, the following drivers were crowned victorious:

Charlie Lydon Jr.
2019 TCS GT Spec Novice National Champion

Daniel Ho
2019 TCS Formula 1 National Champion

Kevin Lesac
2019 TCS Euro Truck National Champion

Jonah Gallant
2019 TCS GT Pro Spec National Champion

Manny Flores
2019 TCS Mini National Champion – Trip Winner

Vue Vang
2019 TCS GT2 National Champion – Trip Winner

Nathan Weir
2019 TCS GT1 National Champion – Trip Winner

Congrats to all the winners and good luck to those representing Tamiya America at the TCS Worlds in Japan!

Source: Tamiya USA