Some more upcoming Tamiya RC parts

51647 TRF420 Aluminum Front Direct Cups (2pcs.)
51648 Gear Differential Unit Gasket (TRF420, TRF419, TA07) (4pcs.)
51649 TRF420 Gear Differential Unit Set
51650 TRF420 Urethane Bumper
51651 Nylon Bands (Small/Black, 20pcs.)
54920 SW-01 A Parts (Chassis) (Clear Light Gray)
54926 TT-02 Lower Deck (Hard/Black)
54928 SW-01 Metal Cross Joints (4pcs.)

One thought on “Some more upcoming Tamiya RC parts

  1. John R Tesoriero

    Please re-issue the tamiya falcon striker would be nice too.. just stop with this comical bs no one wants that or that stupid tricycle thing ugh. Maybe upgrade some of your older designs falcon with a bulkhead that actually works.. grasshopper with better steering and suspension ??

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