Video of the world’s largest RC competition Tamiya Challenge Cup Final Race 2018

Tamiya Finals, the annual event at the end of the year held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Saturday, December 1, 2018, held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit, the world’s largest all-weather RC circuit it was done. A total of 343 players who won the representation right at the TRF project shops throughout the country also gathered in Kakegawa this time. Not to mention the RC race, the team members gathered together for 2 days to enjoy it.
0:00:08 Opening ceremony
0:00:26 GT Finals 3 (D / C / B / A Main) 0:
19:00 GT Finals 50 (E / D / C / B / A Main) 0:
43:09 GT Finals 2 (G / F / E / D / C / B / A Main)
1:15:59 GT Finals Girls (C / B / A Main)
1:31:04 GT Finals 1 (F / E / D / C / B / A Main)
1:59:20 GT Finals A (C / B / A Main)
2:15:32 Victory Ceremony

Tamiya Challenge Cup Final Race 2018 Semi-endurance race against shop
0:00:05 First race (20 minutes)
0:22:11 Second race (20 minutes)
0:44:50 3rd race (20 minutes)
1:06:06 Award ceremony
Tamiya Challenge Cup Final race “Tamichare Climax 2018 “. “Tami Cha Climax” which can be said as the total race of the “Tamiya Challenge Cup” that was held over 580 tournaments throughout the country was held. With the “Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit”, the world’s largest all-weather RC circuit fit for the big race, we will aim for the project shop in Japan. We used the topic “Comical Grass Hopper” at the semi-endurance race against the popular shop every time.

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