Photos of Tamiya at Honda Racing Thanks Day 2018

5 thoughts on “Photos of Tamiya at Honda Racing Thanks Day 2018

  1. John chang

    Lol love the first main picture of the two guys behind the displays. If you zoom in a little you can see rwlections feom the glass marking on the two guys faces, that makes the guys on the left looks like he is wearing funny mask and the guy on the right a white eye patch and a small white mustache . Haha

  2. Snowman

    Those five NSX GT500 RC cars look awesome. Do you think there’s any chance that Tamiya will actually release them or are they just a one-off special for this event?

  3. Snowman

    Thanks for your reply. You’re quite right, the decal sheets is what I meant. The old Raybrig is cool and all but I’d love to have a Keihin or Autobacs version of the NSX GT500.

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