Several future Tamiya RC kits, parts ad hop ups that will be possibly presented at upcoming Tamiya Fair 2018

56359 Mercedes Benz Arocs 3363 6×4 Light Gun Metal Edition
58665 Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 (F103GT)
84435 DT-03 Black Edition Chassis & Racing Fighter Body

42327 3x6mm HG Alu Hex Head Screws (5pcs, blue)
42328 3x6mm HG Alu HH CS Screws (5pcs, blue)
42329 3x8mm HG Alu Hex Head Screws (5pcs, blue)
42330 3x8mm HG Alu HH CS Screws (5pcs, blue)
42331 Body Sponge Tape (20x230x2mm/3mm) 2 pcs.)
47393 TA02 High Speed Gear Set
47396 TA02 FRP Chassis Conversion Set
47398 Large Dish Wheels (4WD front, 62/25) pink
47399 Large Dish Wheels (rear, 62/35) pink
47400 Astral Dish Wheels (2WD front, 60/19) pink
47401 Astral Dish Wheels (rear, 60/29) pink
51611 Toyota Hilux Extra Cab Body Parts Set
51613 Buggyra Fat Fox Body Parts Set
54846 TB-05 Carbon Front Damper Stay (SSBB)
54847 TB-05 Carbon Rear Damper Stay (SSBB)
54848 Aluminum Wing Washers (black)
54849 Aluminum Wing Washers (blue)
54850 Medium-Narrow Mesh Wh.yellow 24mm/+2
54851 Medium-Narrow Rally Dish Wh.white 24mm/0
54852 Med. Nar.18-Spoke Wheels (24mm,0) 4 pcs
54853 Med. Nar.5-Spoke Wheels (24mm,+2) 4 pcs
54854 Two-Piece 5 Spoke Wheels (2 pcs., black)
54856 Dancing Rider Chrome Plated Body Parts Set
54857 T3-01 One Piece Rear Axle Shaft Set
54858 T3-01 Aluminum Servo Horn
54859 T3-01 FRP Support Arms
56548 Aluminum Shift Servo Horn (RC Truck)
67416 Tamiya Aluminum Maintenance Tray (KTC)