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Tamiya 12686 1/35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16 MCV Metal Gun Barell

Thorough reproduction of the multi-purpose muzzle brake
A perforated muzzle brake equipped in the muzzle of the main gun which can be said to be a big feature of 16 type mobile combat vehicle. It suppresses large recoil generated when shooting a 105 ㎜ tank gun, enabling more stable shooting. A metal barrel that reproduces this characteristic barrel as it is with a high quality aluminum cutting appeared. A total of 63 gas vent holes are thoroughly reproduced, nine rows × seven rows spirally opened. The sharp mold which was processed like the real thing from the base of the barrel to the muzzle, greatly improved the sense of precision. It is also a big merit that processing of the parting line is unnecessary.

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Tamiya 35361 1/35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Video Report Vol. 24

Electric RC Car Experience Running Tour “Try !! Tamiya RC”, a “trailer passenger ride experience corner” where you can ride a large RC trailer, and “Tamiya RC Car Festival” in Tokyo, Odaiba’s theme park “Tamiya RC Car Festival”, such as experiences of “Triple Wheel Series Dancing Rider” and driving experiences of “4 WD off road car heavy dump” We held at MEGA WEB (mega web). In addition, we also hold “TRI !! Tamiya RC School in MEGA WEB”, a radio control car production experience. I enjoyed driving with the assembled RC car.

Tamiya RC Grasshopper AIR JAM 2018 Edition

Tamiya 1/10 Electric RC Car Grasshopper Prop Set (with AIR JAM 2018 Special Sticker Sheet)

Tamiya’s popular RC car “Grasshopper” assembly kit, a special RC car set with a set of propo (transmitter), running battery & charger, and AIR JAM2018 spec special sticker seat set on sale! By attaching a special sticker at the time of assembly, it is possible to assemble a glass hopper of AIR JAM 2018 specification!

Set contents
· Tamiya 1/10 Electric RC car grass hopper (assembly kit)
· fine spec 2.4 G electric RC drive set (transmitter, receiver, servo, speed controller, running 7.2 V battery, dedicated charger)
· AIR JAM 2018 Special sticker sheet

* As a power supply for the transmitter, 4 AA batteries (sold separately) are required.
※ The image is painted after assembly.
※ AIR JAM 2018 Special sticker sheets are not sold on a standalone basis.
※ This item will be shipped in special packaging, so shipping costs will be separately 1080 yen. Please note.

Source: AIR JAM Store

Visiting the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen

We had the luck to recently be able to visit the Porsche museum in Zuffenhausen Germany, which belongs to the Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG and is a unique experience for any real car, model car and even Tamiya aficionado. The current form of the museum was finalised in 2009 and it has many vehicle as well as part exhibits from the whole history of the company, which this year celebrates already 70 years, 1948-2018. As many Tamiya fans who have read the autobiography of the president of Tamiya, Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya, know, Tamiya has a very special relation to Porsche, starting in the mid 70s, where Tamiya actually purchased a Porsche 911, dismantled it and rebuilt it in order to better understand the car to release a fabulous 1/12 scale static model, on which they soon after even created their first radio control car model which was a huge sale success in Japan but also in export. Therefore, on this article we will only concentrate on museum exhibits which in a more or less similar form and version were released from Tamiya as static or R/C model kits.

Some upcoming Tamiya RC hop up parts

47386 WR-02 Gold Wheels F/R
2x Gold Plated Front Wheels & 2x Gold Plated Rear Wheels
Compatible with WR-02 Chassis

47387 WR-02 Red Wheels F/R
2x Red Plated Front Wheels & 2x Red Plated Rear Wheels)
Compatible with WR-02 Chassis

47388 Avante 2011 Racing Steering Set
The Racing Steering Set (Art. 84256) is included together with the Torque Splitter Set (Art. 84257) as bonus parts for the Tamiya Black Avante (Art. 84270).
The desired special parts are now available again in limited quantities.
The fully ball-bearing steering with carbon bridge allows improved feedback on the steering thanks to the smallest possible steering play.

1x 2mm thick Carbon Steering Plate
8 pcs ball bearing 850
Steering Arms / Screws and small parts

Compatible with Avante 58489, 84270 and Vajra 58497.

47389 Avante 2011 Torque Splitter
The Racing Steering Set (Art. 84256) is included together with the Torque Splitter Set (Art. 84257) as bonus parts for the Tamiya Black Avante (Art. 84270).
The desired special parts are now available again in limited quantities.

The Torque Splitter Set (47389) consists of a Center One-Way freewheel, which in combination with two adjustable ball differentials allows increased cornering speeds. The oversteer tendency of the model can be significantly reduced. Depending on the distance ratio, the centre differential can also be locked. (Metal-Parts included).

1x Torque splitter
2x ball differentials
Metal parts and center gear (allows driving either in torque splitter mode (freewheel) or in center-lock mode (locked).

Compatible with Avante 58489, 84270 or Vajra 58497.

54828 Racing Truck H-Parts (Chrome)

Tamiya Porsche 934 RSR “Vaillant” TA-02SW – where it all began

Some day s ago, we reported about a very special model. A kit from german big Tamiya dealer Tamico to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this company.  The kit is based on the Tamiya Black Porsche 934 RSR kit, but the “black” stickers and black wing parts were changed here for the “Vaillant” parts, well known from the iconic 30th Anniversay  model No. 49400, which used a shortened TA-05 chassis. These parts were exclusively made from Tamiya  for Tamico. The kit is limited to 333 pieces. Each one is numbered.

The Porsche 934 RSR was Tamiya´s first RC Car back in the 70´s. So here we are, were it all began.

Tamiyablog had the chance to build the so called “prototype” of this very special car. This time, no alternate paintscheme. You can´t beat the Vaillant livery on a Porsche 934. Pure 70´s. There´s something about these old Porsches, and especially the old turbo 930/934 types. In one way, it looks brutal but also not agressive, in the other way, it looks like a sculpture, but not overdesigned, as you can see it on many modern cars. This car was drawn by hand. Not on a computer. And you can see this. These curves are living.

About the build.  Building a classic TA02SW chassis again was a joy, especially with the many Tamiya Hop Up parts which are included in this nice kit.

Doing the body is a challenge, and you should do it with patience. Nearly 100 stickers needs to be applied on the body. But you will rewarded with a phenomenal result, and the wide rear 30mm wheels and tires looks stunning on this car.

Enjoy !

Tamiya New Item Release list for September 2018

R/C Models
 58657  1/10 R/C Land Rover Defender 90 (CC-01)
 54817  Aluminum Motor Guard (GF-01, WR-02)
 54818  Turnbuckle Steering Set (G6-01, GF-01)

Scale Models
 14133  1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1M
 12684  1/12 Scale Yamaha YZF-R1M Front Fork Set
 16001  1/6 Honda CB750 FOUR
 14029  1/12 Suzuki RG250 Γ with Full Options

 19453  Great Magnum R (FM-A Chassis)
 95413  Tri Gale (MA Chassis) Black Special
 95415  Stainless Steel Countersunk Screw Set (10/12/20/25/30mm, Black)
 95226  Mini 4WD Kumamon Version (Finished Model)
 95447  Mini 4WD Japan Cup Junior Circuit Slope Section Set (Orange)
 95411  FM-A Chassis Set (Red)
 95420  Narrow Large Dia. Wheel & Soft Arched Tires (for Super X & XX Chassis)
 95424  2mm Aluminum Lock Nut (Green, 5pcs.)
 95396  19mm Aluminum Rollers (5 Spokes) w/Plastic Rings (Red)
 95406  Fire Dragon Clear Body Set (Polycarbonate)
 95408  DCR-01 Body Parts Set (Clear Black)
 95284  HG Carbon Stay for Wide Front Sliding Damper (2mm)
 95285  HG Carbon Stay for Wide Rear Sliding Damper (2mm)

Tools & Paints
 82146  LP-46 Pure metallic red
 82147  LP-47 Pearl blue
 82148  LP-48 Sparkling silver
 82149  LP-49 Pearl clear
 82150  LP-50 Bright red
 82151  LP-51 Pure orange
 82152  LP-52 Clear red
 82153  LP-53 Clear orange
 82154  LP-54 Dark iron
 82155  LP-55 Dark yellow 2
 82156  LP-56 Dark green 2
 82157  LP-57 Red brown 2
 82158  LP-58 NATO green
 82159  LP-59 NATO brown
 82160  LP-60 NATO black
 81788  Acrylic Mini XF-88 Dark yellow 2
 81789  Acrylic Mini XF-89 Dark green 2
 81790  Acrylic Mini XF-90 Red brown 2
 87196  Cap Labels (for Lacquer Paints)
 87197  Cap Labels (for Acrylic Paints)
 70231  Centipede Robot Body Sections (4pcs.)
 75028  Low RPM Type 130 Motor