Tamiya Grand Prix All-Japan Championship 2018

Regulation of the Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship representation right class

We kept you waiting for RC fans! This season is also the season of the “Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship”! This is the RC race event of Tamiya Ichushi this summer held at 15 venues, 13 venues nationwide, with the advance of the domestic and international top drivers gathering “World Champion Decision Battle”. Let beginners and experts get excited with everyone! The opening race of 2018 is the Kakegawa event on Saturday, June 16. Everyone, do not forget to confirm the class / schedule (There will also be some tournaments scheduled to be held) We will announce the schedule as soon as the schedule is confirmed. All-Japan Championship = ‘World Champion Warfare’ Block Representation Battle ‘! All Nippon Championships, and the existence of “World Champion Decision Battle” ahead. Among the races to be held at the All Japan Championships, for the athlete who won the category with “representation right” or played a high prize, the battle to decide the 2018 Tamiya RC car’s fastest driver “Tamiya Grand Prix World Champion Decision Battle 2018 “will be accepted.
* There is no provision of transportation expenses, accommodation expenses etc to the representative right winner. Please be forewarned in advance.

Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship 2018 Q & A

Q1: What’s the schedule and classes held?
In the 2018 All Japan Championship, races are held in 10 groups and 17 classes (in some areas holding classes are different). In order to realize a race in an equal condition, settings such as chassis, optional parts, gear ratios etc. that can be used are specified, especially in classes subject to representation. The main provisions of each class are as follows. For more detailed information, please refer to each tournament application form (PDF file).
⇒ PDF data of the schedule date / 2018.5.07

Each class regulation
Tamiya GP All-Japan Championship class (PDF / 2018.5.07)
(TRF Championship, GT Championship, St Championship, Jr. Championship, MAZDA Championship)

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix (PDF / 2018.5.07)
(JJ Grand Prix, Touring Grand Prix, Touring Grand Prix, TRF Touring, Formula Grand Prix, M Sports Grand Prix, Middle Buggy Grand Prix, Track Racing, Comical 4 WD, 6 x 6 Grand Prix, Classic Buggy, Dancing Rider, Tamigra ☆ Fresh)

Point (1): Implemented at 13 venues and 15 tournaments.
From northern Hokkaido to the south to Kyushu (Kumamoto), the whole country is divided into 10 blocks and will be held at 13 venues.

Point (2): World championship representation subjects The 5 class
touring car sets three classes, “GT Championship”, “St Championship”, Junior (elementary and middle school student) driver “Jr. Championship”. Available chassis, motors, batteries, gear ratios, etc. differ. M chassis continues to be held last year with the support of Mazda Co., Ltd. “MAZDA championship”. And “TRF Championship” will be held in the track machine this year. A total of 5 classes will be the subject of the representation right of “Tamiya GP World Champion Decision Battle 2018” held in November.

Q2-1: Are you OK with various modifications?
The range of remodeling has been determined from the purpose that it wants to enjoy driving and battle, not machine remodeling technology. Therefore “self-made parts that require high processing technology etc and parts other than Tamiya can not be used”.
(However, other company’s products can also be used for amplifiers for propo / brush motors and AA batteries for servo and propo). Other basic rules are posted in detail in the Tamiya Grand Prix Regulations Regulations, please refer.

Q2-2: What optional parts can be attached?
If it is various Tamiya “corresponding to chassis to use” option parts, you can install in the “method specified in the explanatory diagram” and participate in the race. Please note that anything made by Tamiya is not wearable and its use other than its original purpose / usage is not permitted.
In addition, as additional chassis and optional parts are released, additional provisions may be added, so please refer to the additional provisions of the Tamiya Grand Prix Vehicle Regulations.
※ Additional information on the Tamiya Grand Prix vehicle regulations 2018

Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship Application Procedure

1: Select the event you want to participate from the “Tamiya Grand Prix race schedule” on the Tamiya Grand Prix page and download the application form (PDF) from each tournament detail page
2: Print out the application form and fill in the necessary information.
3: Enclose the application form on the envelope and “stamps for 164 yen per event” (328 yen for weekends) and mail it to the following address.
4: We will deliver “Participation Information” to participants about one week before the event.

■Address of application form Tamiya Grand Prix clerk of 3-7 Inadahara Suruga ku Shizuoka city Shizuoka prefecture 422-8610

* In case of many applicants, lottery will be held. (Players in the block will be given priority.)
* The result of the lottery result will be announced by post by 1 week in advance of the event.
* For those who participate in the Tamiya Grand Prix for the first time, we will send “RC Step Up BOOK” together with the information on participation.
※ The application form for the event will be distributed from model shops in various locations from about one month before the event.
※ You will be charged for the application form by post. If you wish to mail, please enclose the paper with the name of the competition you would like to join the envelope and a stamp for 82 yen, please request to the “Tamiya Grand Prix Division” above.

For inquiries: Tamiya Grand Prix
official phone 054-283-0002 Monday – Friday 8: 00-12: 00 13: 00-17: 00 ※ Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays Closed

Frequently asked questions at Tamiya GP All Japan Championships and World Championship

Q3: Can you participate in other races?
You can also apply for competitions outside the block. However, there are cases where the number of entries is restricted or depending on recruitment situation, players in the block may take precedence.
In addition, when out-of-block players participate, restrictions are also set in the race race.
· It is not possible to participate in the representative right class A main (I can not gain representation right, and I will go to B main). However, if it is time equivalent to A Main in the qualifying race, the Tamiya Grand Prix points added according to the grade will be awarded the entry point and the A main point.
· Number of A main participants In cases where the number of athletes out of the block becomes more than half of the A main, the lower ranking may be carried out. (It will be field judgment)

Q4: What do you mean by “setting the nationwide ward” of the Kakegawa convention?
The Kakegawa convention can be entered from anywhere in the country, and any player in the region can gain representation rights. It is not easy to win as much as the villain gathers from all over the country, but it can be said that this tournament is also taken for testing the skill.

Q5: On the 2017 World Tournament World Championship Determination Championship, Acquiring the Representation of the Player
Who Won the Final A Main · In the 2017 Tamiya GP World Championship Battle, athletes who went to the main AZ in the MAZDA championship were “MAZDA Championship” You can not acquire the representation right at (Qualifying tournament A main run of the preliminary tournament is possible).
· Even at players who finished in the final A main at the TRF championship, this year it is possible to acquire the representation right at the TRF championship.

Did you finally get used to the race from a beginner driver who just started RC car? Middle driver, for a while, I have been away from the RC race, but for the first time in a while … I am considering a tournament that everyone in the driver can enjoy. Of course, expert drivers who will be examples of such athletes will also hold classes that are OK.

Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix (PDF / 2018.5.07)
(JJ Grand Prix, Touring Grand Prix, Touring Grand Prix, TRF Touring, Formula Grand Prix, M Sports Grand Prix, Middle Buggy Grand Prix, Track Racing, Comical 4 WD, 6 x 6 Grand Prix, Classic Buggy, Dancing Rider, Tamigra ☆ Fresh)

The pleasure of competing with RC cars is special. Why do not you hit your hot RC Spirit against the “Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship” this summer? We are waiting for everyone’s excitement, everyone’s hot running!

Entries for each competition are starting one after another! Check it now!