Tatsuya Kaneko’s “brush painting” figure & accessory technique lecture vol.2 at Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store

0:00:00 Accessory Parts Starting
00:02:50 How to Use In-Vehicle Accessories
00:17:28 Great Activities! Kaneko-san recommended “Precision tweezers”
00:19:00 Tips to use pouring glue
00:23:00 Parts placement tips and points
00:29:00 Detail up small bucket! (How to choose a very fine drill blade) 
00:40:30 Substrate paint is “XF 9 flat hull red”. Acrylic paint Brush painting tips
00:46:30 Make your own canvas sheet with clay for sweets!

1:08:00 PVC painting edition start
1:11:28 Package is the most familiar and precious material
1:13:00 Substrate painted with acrylic paint. Doll = skin color? . How to think of shade and color scheme of objects.
1:31:00 Painting of uniform. “Gray” is also various. 
1:39:00 Color overlap with enamel paint.
1:51:00 The tools and paints that I am easy to control are the best.
1:56:30 First public release in Japan! Kaneko’s favorite for blending (blurring) · · ·
2:05:30 light → dark? , Dark → Ming? , There are various ways of blending.
2:14:40 Completion!