Tamiya Challenge Cup 2017 Finals semi endurance race against shops video

Distribution date and time 12/2 (Sat) around 14:00 – 16:00 (planned) Tamiya Challenge Cup Final race “Tami Chara Climax 2017” will be live-distributed from Shizuoka / Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit. This year “Tamiya Challenge Finals 2017” can be said to be the total settlement of the “Tamiya Challenge Cup” held over 600 national competitions throughout the country. In this tournament, I will move the venue to the world’s largest all-weather RC circuit “Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit” and aim for the project shop in Japan. Of course, we also hold popular semi-endurance race against shoppers every time. It will be exciting in team battle with shop as the core! Please have a look. ※ Video and audio may be distorted due to circumstances such as communication status, and distribution may be canceled without notice.