Tamiya Mini 4WD 35th anniversary commemorative event 10/13 (Friday) ~ 10/29 (Sunday) held in Sendai

Tapio 9th anniversary birth place “Kiitos Festival 2017” held!

Tapio will celebrate its ninth anniversary this month. “Kiitos” is the meaning of “Thank you” in the word of Finland which is the roots of Tapio. Kiitos Festival holding the gratitude of daily gratitude, this year we will introduce the manufacturing of the model brand ‘TAMIYA’ top brand.

Enjoying “Making”, History Exhibition of Manufacturing

Duration: 10/13 (Friday) to 29 (Sunday) 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
Venue: South Campus 1st Floor North Court
Host: Kawakami Shimpo, Sendai Broadcast
Planning and Production: Tamiya Mini 4th Dimension History Executive Committee
※ Free viewing

“Mini 4WD” celebrating its 35th anniversary since its birth this year. We will exhibit Tamiya’s “history and now” that has created “fun to make” on the concept, easy to understand for beginners.

The largest mini 4WD official recognition national competition “Japan Cup” The corner introducing the history of 30 years and the powerful full-scale exhibition with 220 successive Mini 4WDs, the development story of Tamiya · Tamiya chairman who must be a fan , 1/1 size real car version “Aero Avante” also appeared!

Real car version “Aero Avante”

In addition, it is a venue that you can enjoy from adults to children, such as a photo spot where you can take pictures on the podium at the “Draw a Mini 4WD in a Dream!” Corner drawing an ideal mini 4WD.

Please enjoy the world of Mini 4WD which continues to be loved beyond the times by your family.

Sell ​​Tamiya products! “TAMIYA MARKET” Open for a limited time

Duration: 10/13 (Friday) to 29 (Sunday) 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
Venue: South Building 2F Special Site Venue

Special shop lineup of various items of Tamiya such as mini 4WD, radio controlled, clothing, Limited open! Also selling limited items! Please look forward to it ♪

Mini 4WD & Radio Control Course Appears!

Duration: 10/13 (Friday) to 29 (Sunday)
Venue: South Building 2F Special Site
* Reservation unnecessary, free use

Mini 4WD and RC run course appears! You can test-run freely on your own machine.
There is also a free rental machine, so beginners are also welcome to try out.

※ 10/21 (Sat), 22 (Sunday), 29 (Sunday) will be held for “Mini 4WD TAPIO CUP”, the running course of the radio control will be paused.

Tapio 9th Anniversary Birthday Memorial Convention “Mini 4WD TAPIO CUP” is held!

Schedule: October 21 (Sat), 22 (Sunday), 29 (Sunday)
Venue: 2nd Floor, South Building Drive Course in the Special Venue

Holding the Mini 4WD to commemorate the 9th anniversary of Tapio’s birthday festival. Luxury prizes are also given to winners of the race!
→ Click here for details!

Enjoy the Tamiya RC car!

Schedule: October 28 (Saturday)
Venue: South Building 2F Floor Travel Course
※ Special Participation Free

RC car fan must-see! We will demonstrate driving by Tamiya RC car staff, experience driving etc.
※ We will inform you of details such as time etc. at a later date.

“Suites Decoration” workshop

Period: 10/13 (Friday) ~ 29 (Sunday) 10: 00 ~ 20: 00
Venue: South Coast 1st Floor Center Court
Participation Fee: 400yen
* Reservation unnecessary, as soon as each day runs out Exit

“Tamiya Decoration Series” Held a workshop that can produce real and cute popular sweets decoration! You can take home the finished product ♪

MAAGO Special Project “Let’s be a Little Artist”

Duration: 10/13 (Friday) to 29 (Sunday)
Venue: South Coast 1st Floor Center Court
※ Participation Free

paintings drawn in Tapio are the only artworks in the world!
Opening drawing room for children. The designer tailors the work of those elected by lottery from the paintings drawn at the venue, and gifts at a later date!
※ The selected works will be shipped after exhibition in the Tapio Museum.
→ Click here for official homepage of little artist

Special projects are also held at each store!

During the birthday festival, we will implement a special birthday festival at each store.
Details will be released on 10/13 (Friday). ♪ Please enjoy shopping full of benefits and benefits ♪