Tamiya Corporation company profile updated

The fun of hobby is common to the world, Tamiya is familiar to many fans in the world as well as Japan, as a model top brand, we deliver rich time. In addition, Tamiya Group is expanding its activities worldwide, including new product development, production and event development.

Tamiya Corporation
Foundation May 8, 1946
Establishment March 24, 1984
Representative Director and Chairman and Representative Director Shunsaku Tamiya
Representative Director Vice President Nozomi Kunihiro
Managing Director Sone Satoshi
Capital 50 million yen
Number of employees 333 (January 2017)
Settlement period March 31
Bank Shizuku Shinkin Bank Ikeda Branch, Suruga Bank Shizuoka East Branch, Resona Bank Hamamatsu Branch,
Shizuoka Shinkin Bank Oshuka Branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shizuoka Branch, Shizuoka Bank Ikeda Branch
Business content Plastic Model, Radio Control Model, Craft Kit,
Related Products Manufacture and Sales
Head office location  Shizuoka City Suruga Ward 3-7 Inguawara
〒 422 – 8610 Telephone 054-286-5105 (Representative)

Tamiya Co., Ltd. Chairman and Chairman, Representative Director Shunsaku Tamiya
December 1934 Birth
Waseda University Graduated from law school
April 1958 Joined Tamiya Shoji Joint Stock Company
May 1977 Inaugural CEO Tamiya Model President and Representative Director
March 1984 Tamiya Representative Director and President assumed office
June 1995 Inauguration of Tamiya Scholarship Committee Chairperson
June 2008 Tamiya Representative Director and Chairman
August 2017 Tamiya Representative Director Chairman and Representative Director and President assumed office
His book “Tamiya model work” (Nesco / Bungei)

3 thoughts on “Tamiya Corporation company profile updated

  1. Bill Scott

    How can I get one of your trucks I don’t have a lot of money could I get one and do a video on building it or test it in the USA and put it on YouTube for you and all the stuff and my name is bill Scott I live in Ohio

  2. Frank Wouts

    Good evening,
    I claimed a broken part in Tamiya plastic model kit nr. 101 F-16C 1:48 block 25/32
    it had a broken tinted canopy still in its plastic closed sealed bag.
    As I live in Holland, Tamiya USA redirected me to Tamiya Germany, whcih redirected me to Rapid Hobby Imports in the Netherlands (Holland).
    The say finally to me they don’t “sell” to private customers, only to resellers. I bought the kit on eBa, so I cannot go to my local Tamiya hobby shop as they tell me to do.
    How can I get service from Tamiya for broken parts in platic model kit boxes?
    Till now in my experience there is NONE.

    Customer support of Revell send me replacements after one e-mail message, in which I attach a copy of my payment of the bill for the particular kit.

    Why not Tamiya??? IS it a B brand and not an A brand anymore perhaps?

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