Tamiya Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2017 Special Commemorative Program & Great Cross Circuit On-Board Camera Videos

Familiar “MC Guts” and “Mini 4 Doctors” introduce the “Great Circuit Circuit 2017” thoroughly used in this Japan Cup. Actually run mini 4WD and explain. Mini 4WD also not to miss even more Latest information introduced. From beginner racer to experienced mini 4WD racer is a must-see content.

00:06 Type-A
03:42 Type-B
07:03 Type-AA
10:24 Type-BB
Great cross circuit the image of a cross-system 2017 type a (er), type a type was cross half under course layout (er) B (Bee) “, these type a (er), type obtained by inverting the course layout type B (Bee) AA (d
Mira), and four of the circuit layout of the type BB (Bimira) “, is scheduled to different circuit appears in every venue that combined with having the four sections variation” double bouncing straight (multi) “.

More information about the Japan Cup 2017 Official course Great Circuit 2017 here.