F1 Model Database 1960 ~ 2017 Japanese book

Publisher name Model Art Company
Release date June 19, 2017
Magazine JAN 4910087340776
Magazine code 08734-07
Tax-included price ¥ 2,484

● ‘F1 model · database 1960-2017’
 Formula 1 Plastic model
  Date base 1960-2017
 - Covers
  the F1 machine’s PLACETT which has changed greatly with the era that continues to be the world’s best motor sports !
  F1 model newly appeared in the database series. In
  the 1970’s, cigar-shaped 1960’s, full of ideas and unique machines, the 1980’s, the turbo prime 1980’s,
  Japan’s F1 boom at the height of 1990’s,
  from the 2000 age with great aerodynamic evolution to the present age Until the time,
  the attraction of the F1 machine which has changed its appearance with the transition of the times condensed tightly. In the F1 model, introduces
  its features and features firmly centring on the standard 1/12, 1/20, 1/24 kit .

◆ Cigar type era (1960s)
◆ Age of idea match (1970s)
◆ Turbo era (1980s)
◆ Unprecedented F1 boom (1990s)
◆ Schumacher Golden Age (2000s)
◆ To the new generation (2010s)

2 thoughts on “F1 Model Database 1960 ~ 2017 Japanese book

  1. Robert Middleton

    Hi, I’ve been building Tamiya kits for almost 30 years. Both R/C vehicles ad static display.I was wondering if Tamiya or maybe Tamiya USA has ever considered printing books like the one above and for example the 40 years of Tamiya r/c model kits book in English? I would like to think that Tamiya is well aware of how huge the English speaking market for Tamiya r/c and static model kits is and how much we would like English versions of theese type of publications. Please feel free to pass this comment along to anyone at Tamiya you think might be interested in this information! Thanks for keeping Tamiya kit builders / collectors like myself updated on the latest information from Tamiya about new releases and re-released r/c and model kits. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see what Tamiya has planned for the future! Thanks again! Rob

  2. admin Post author

    Hello Rob,
    thank you very much for your kind words and we fully agree, we would also love English versions of those publications, let’s hope for the future.
    Best regards

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