Tamiya Robot School – Mechanics & Programming

Through experiences of manufacturing, we raise children’s “idea power” and “creativity” enriched, while acquiring the “logical thinking process” necessary to realize it.

By learning “Craft” as a systematic learning curriculum, we think that it leads to not only knowledge and skill but also the “ability to realize feelings” that can be applied variously in order to live.

Natural style Co., Ltd. develops “Tamiya robot school” jointly developed with Tamiya Co., Ltd. nationwide. Currently, Tamiya Robot School’s website accepts short-term intensive robot programming courses (8 times in total) for participation. The capacity is 6 people, the price is 18,000 yen (tax included). We prepare two kinds of “Mechanic course” by NPO corporation MeetsVision which handles curriculum of robot work classroom, “programming course” by natural style.

Mechanic course will be able to understand the structure and structure of the machine by assembling the robot. Since it is also possible to remodel the assembled robot, it is possible not only to assemble the given kit directly, but also to consider the original mechanism.

The curriculum consists of “Production of Mini Robot” (2 times), “Production and remodeling of Mini Robot” (4 times in all), “Production of Large Robot” (12 times in all), “Reinforcing large robots for competition (6 times in total) 24 times in all. The students recommend more than first grade primary school students.

The programming course is a program that can be learned while controlling the movement of robot by using the microcomputer “IchigoJam” which can be programmed in the BASIC language. The robot used in this course is Tamiya’s “Cam Program Robot Working Set” as a specialized teaching material arranged for programming learning.

The curriculum consists of “Basic usage of IchigoJam, acquisition of basic control of robot” (all once), “variable” (all three times), “sequential processing (thread)” (all three times) (3 times in all), “Compare and Compare Symbols, Branch Processing” (3 times in all), “Display Device Coordinate System” (3 times in all), “Repeat Processing” (3 times in all), “Input / Output” ), “Function (Subprocedure)” (3 times in all) 25 times in total. Students recommend third grade elementary school students.

Since the mechanic course and the programming course are separate courses, the person in charge says “There is no problem even if you start from either.” In natural style, it is said that children can acquire ideas and logical way of thinking through children’s experiences of manufacturing in both courses.

Sources and more: Tamiya Robot School & Internet WATCH

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  1. ESB

    Good afternoon,

    I saw a TV show on NHK world called great gear which featured your programing course for children. I live in the Washington D.C. area and would like to buy your course materials in English. I have found one of the robots seen in the “great gear” episode and purchased it on amazon, but I do not see the programing board nor the screen. If possible please provide me a link to purchase the course material and the robot kit for the class.

    Thank you

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