More details on Tamiya 47359 1/10 RC Tyrrell P34 1976 Japan Grand Prix Special

47359 Tyrrell P34 1976 Japan Grand Prix Special

The Tyrell is reviving as RC special project product! It is scheduled to be released in July at the present moment.
Based on 84111 Tyrell P34 1976 Japan Grand Prix which was released in 2010, it is a special kit with optional parts as standard equipment. The body is reproduced in polycarbonate, and the GOODYEAR logo was also added to the sticker that impressive “BORDER” of Hiragana notation unique to the Japanese GP. The chassis is equipped with Torque Tuned Motor, TRF Damper (Black Specification), Low Friction Pad, High Torque Servo Saver, Front and Rear Ring Sponge Tire as standard on the same F103 base 6 wheel specification as the 84111.