Details and photos of Tamiya 21157 1/24 NSX (Red) Finished Item 21158 1/24 NSX (White) Finished product 21159 1/24 NSX (Blue) Finished Product

This is a completed model of NSX hybridized with a full model change for the first time in 26 years. Modeled fully with the feeling of the dynamic form that the design team led by the female leader realized. Body color is available in three colors, red, white and blue. Changing the seat color and brake caliper color according to the body color, expressing the carbon roof, which is standard equipment in the domestic specification model, also decaled it to enhance the texture.

★ The red body is a seat with a saddle tang and the caliper is a black. White body is red with both seat color and caliper color. Blue body is a silver caliper on an ivory seat.