Upcoming Tamiya RC parts to be presented at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

47333 TT-02 A-Parts (Blue)
47334 TT-02 A-Parts (White)
47335 TT-02 D-Parts (Blue)
47336 TT-02 D-Parts (White)
47337 TT-02B B-Parts (Blue)
47338 TT-02B B-Parts (White)
47339 TT-02 Lower Deck hard (Blue)
47340 TT-02 Lower Deck hard (White)
54737 Matte Plated Silver Dish Wheels (26mm, +2)
54740 TA07 D Parts (Suspension Arms, Medium)
54741 On Road Racing Truck Wheels black (2+2)
54742 Cross Country Tire & Spring Set (GF-01)
54743 TA07 Carbon Fibre Reinforced A-Parts
54744 TA07 Carbon Fibre Reinforced K-Parts
54745 TA07 Carbon Fibre Reinforced Lower Deck
54746 TA07 Carbon Damper Stay Set
54747 Low Friction Resin Susp.Ball (8)
54748 4WD Buggy Front Dish Wheels yellow (Hex)
54749 Buggy Rear Dish Wheels yellow (Hex)
54750 High Lift Matte Plated A-Parts (Gearbox)
54751 TA07 Center Shaft Bridge
54752 TT-02 Steering Upgrade Parts Set
54753 TT-02 CVA Super Mini Shock Set
56541 Front Wheels 22mm white
56542 Rear Wheels 22mm white
56543 Wheels 30mm white (Hex, 2pcs)
56544 Ball Bearing Wheels 30mm white (2)
64408 TAMIYA RC Line Up Vol 1 – 2017

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