Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2017 Releases

TAMIYA 2017 ?

Like at the previous changes of the year

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments link at the end of this entry (comments are shown after being checked which can take some hours).

The team of thanks for the ever growing
reader base and support and wishes everyone a fantastic 2017!

65 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2017 Releases

  1. Ruissoli

    Please, Mr Tamiya, hope to see the following RC kits :
    – Astute
    – Top Force Evo
    – Avante (rerere)
    I miss them for my “top of the line” collection !

  2. Anton

    Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2017 Releases
    – Avante
    – Porsche 934 Black (ta02sw, carbon chassis, more hop ups, special motor)
    – M05 Special (M05R base, plus ally steering parts, ball diff., 6.6v 1100 life fitment, light weight body)

  3. navycolt

    Rc tanks

    1/16 RC WW1 MarkIV
    1/16 RC ISU-152
    1/16 RC T-34 – I’dont want to buy HENG LONG OR TAIGEN!!!
    1/16 RC T-72 Please !!!!!!!!!!

  4. David

    Mr Tamiya I would love to see the following:

    Top Force
    Top Force EVO
    Black Porsche 934 on the TA02SW Chassis

    Oh and if I can add a couple more:
    Top Force EVO
    Top Force EVO
    Top Force EVO
    Top Force EVO

  5. RD

    Toyota 4Runner on High Lift Chassis
    McLaren P1 GTR
    Lamborghini Aventador
    Shelby GT350
    Porsche 956 on F103GT Chassis
    2016 Ford GT LM

  6. Paul

    Top Force Evo
    Super Astute
    A TT02 Type-S MS version or a stabiliser bar set for the normal Type S
    TT02 fluid diff
    SRB Ford Ranger F150XLT

  7. tshotracer74

    Winger body on boomerang chassis as a kit
    Super dragon body on grasshopper 2 chassis as a kit
    Unimog 425 CR-01
    Striker re-released
    Thunder Dragon re-released
    Amarok CR-01

  8. Max Lee

    I have a lot but I will sum it up
    Mainly these are Mini 4WD series

    Re-Release of Tamiya Mach Dash Motor 15131 Single Shaft

    I used to play Mini 4WD back in 1994 but only resume in 2015.
    Hence I still use older chassis like Super 1 (Not 2), TZ, VS to compete.
    Yes compete but as modern motor like Sprint/Power dash are too powerful for these older chassis
    to handle not to mention crack with such brute power.
    That is why for my older chassis set, I only compete with Hyper Dash 3 just hope
    Tamiya could re-release the Mach Dash for use with older chassis.
    Some managed to get this motor through Ebay but the price is insanely expensive.

    Sprint/Power Dash Lite?
    Cut down version of the Sprint/Power Dash especially when using with older chassis
    if reviving Mach Dash is not possible.
    The RPM and Torque is too powerful for older chassis to handle expect AR.

    Power Dash Pro for Mini 4WD series?
    Yes I hope there’s a torque based motor for pro series, the current Hyper Dash and Mach dash
    are more for speed.

    Mini 4WD Kits
    Revised body covers for Magnum/Sonic Sabre and Victory Magnum/Vanguard Sonic
    premium re-releases
    I owned them and used them to race however the catch broke after sometime of usage.
    Quite shocking that these four covers the catch that is broken and have no way to fix them.

    Tamiya I hope you can address this issue as it’s sad after hours of painting the cover as well
    laying the sticker when the catch is broke I can’t use them to race.
    Yes I do paint my Mini 4WD.

    Lightning Magnum And Blitzer sonic Premium please with VS Chassis V2?
    My competition sets with blazing timing, Magnum and Sonic series have much
    been re-release expect for the Aero series.
    I also long for VS Chassis V2, the only key issue with VS is the bumper as it’s too weak
    even if I use FRP so I hope Tamiya could address this.
    The rest like internal can keep so no need to revise.

    Mini 4WD Parts
    AR Chassis V2? AR is fast but there’s a issue with the gear that after some usage the gear will wear out hence the Mini 4WD will be super slow. AR Front Wide FRP the mounting doesn’t align with AR front bumper so ought to have a second revision to address this?

    Small diameter one way wheel (No – rear wide tread tire)
    I also long for such part to use with my VS/MS using small diameter tire with no rear wide tread tire on the rear.

    Semi pneumatic tire for multi jumps/hump circuits
    Multi jumps/hump circuits as far as my knowledge and experience till today
    I have no idea how to counter such circuits not to mention damage a lot of one way wheel
    with such circuits since usually it is together with extremely tight corners which my local track likes to design it this way.

    There is Semi pneumatic tire but only a 1 pair of rear small diameter so I just wish for a full set (Front and back) as well as a set for large diameter or one way wheel with Semi pneumatic tire.

    Sorry for such a long post but as a Tamiya Mini 4WD original tuner, I have tested and played with so many Mini 4WD parts as well as chassis whether old or new.

    I comment so I hope Tamiya could take note of my findings especially the broken catch for the premium re-releases I stated. Again sorry for borrowing this space since there’s not way to share what I know.
    My Youtube channel shares my knowledge on original tuning and also my findings.

    Cheers and Happy New Year to all.
    Mini 4WD Original Parts Tuner

  9. Mathias W

    Thundershot Re-re-re (or some variation thereof — Thundershot would do, for e.g.)
    And like someone else here said, Striker!

  10. David Joos

    As the fullsize F1 rules for 2017 will change with wider tyres and different bodywork itwould be great if Tamiya would be the first company to incorporate these changes and be the first company to release an F1 2017 generic car.
    The Ta07 is a great car and I would love to see modern gt bodies like the Corvette or Porsches.
    I’d also love to see some more 70ies Drm racers like the De Tomaso Pantera, Bmw M1, Lancia Montecarlo Turbo to go along the Capri and Lb Turbo.
    Last but not least a 1/12 static rere of the Porsche 934 & 935!


  11. Eric

    1/12 MotoGP Suzuki GSX-RR 2016: a winning Suzuki machine !!
    1/12 MotoGP Yamaha M1 2016: Valentino Rossi of course !!
    1/20 Williams F1 FW08 World Champion 1982: the missing link
    1/20 Mercedes F1 W07 World Champion 2016: best car ever ??
    1/24 Toyota WEC TS50 LeMans 2016: she should win !!
    1/24 Toyota Yaris WRC 2017: Tamiya must back on rally cars!!
    1/24 Ford GT LeMans 2016: so nice!!
    1/24 McLaren P1: a super supercar !!
    1/24 Ferrari J50: a Ferrari tribute for Japan, Tamiya must do it !!
    1/32 Rafale B/C/M: never produce in 1/32.
    1/48 Leclerc MBT: a logic suite after the 1/35th scale.

  12. Bruce

    Re-release Magnum Saber Polycarbonate Clear Body Set.
    Also, Polycarbonate body sets for Victory Magnum, Cyclone Magnum, Beat-Magnum, Sonic Saber, Vanguard Sonic, Hurricane Sonic, and Buster Sonic.

  13. Brian Pedersen

    I wish you would make a 1/16 full option T34-85 😀

    It’s a very known tank that many people would like to add to their collection. You can get it from Heng Long, Taigen, Torro etc. so I dont understand why Tamiya, who makes the best rc tanks, dont have it in their line.

    Crossing my fingers.

  14. Geoff marsburg

    Geoff here very interested in 1/16 rc tanks have 9 tamiyas would love the following
    1/16 Cromwell tank
    1/16 leclerc main battle tank

  15. Justin Day

    I would love see the introduction of a couple of 1/16 scale tanks. A Panzer II Would be amazing, then as a counter part, a Stuart tank. These would both hit on light tanks which have been not produced by anyone.

  16. stivo

    Please bring back mini 4wd memorial edition with modern chassis such as super 2, ma, ar, which are popular in my country Indonesia. While the popular body like liberty emperor, geo emperor, big bang ghost brings so many memory to the players and very happy about it. For me, I’m waiting for the come back of tom ghody, poseidon x, super shooting star, crimson glory, aero solitude, winning bird, the fox, the hornet, neo burning sun, big wig..

  17. HornetRacer71

    1) SRB Ford Ranger XLT

    2) Hotshot 2

    3) Falcon

    4) Striker

    5) Porsche 959 (Rothmans)

    6) Toyota Celica (Same chassis as Porsche)

    New cars




    MORE on DT03 chassis

    MORE on MF-01X Chassis

  18. kris olaerts

    1) Blazing Blazer
    2) Porsche 959
    3) Audi Quattro
    4) Falcon
    and mr T thanks for the BigWig

  19. Kestens karel , Belgium - Europe

    Hello tamiya engenieringteam

    I would love you rerelease the 1/16 rc porsche king tiger a 1/16 rc gepard maybe with uptodate fo motorboxes and some good electronics
    I have a converted tamiya 1/16 FO Cheetah prtl would love to build a descent gepard too without the speculation prices … many modellers love it and want to buy it from tamiya
    A good suggestion for a new one maybe some trooptransport vehicle like 1/16 marder , bradley or warrior you have the 1/35 molds … some modern armor wich fit to accompagnie the leopards on the battlefield … would be possible to upscale them
    Have about 15 of your Fo 1/16 TANKS love them

    Keep going this way i love tamiya rc tankkit , very fine quality

  20. Eugene

    All dreams come true! Today we have Hotshot, Supet Shot, Fox, Bigwig.
    Where is legendary Hotshot 2?


    AVANTE 2001

  22. john

    Would love a re-release of some of the less expensive models.

    Sonic Fighter
    Grasshopper 2 (Super G)
    Super Hornet
    Blazing Star

  23. Felix the Cat

    1/16 RC tanks :
    -WWI Mk IV
    -B1 bis
    -M3 Lee (or Grant)

    1/10 RC car :
    More old truck bodies for CR01 chassis, british quad tractor, Citroën U23, etc

  24. adam king

    Hello Tamiya ,

    I wish you guys consider the followings

    1) 1/24 Toyota FJ40
    2) 1/24 Ferrari LaFerrari-Aperta

    Also will you guys do any 1/12 cars any time soon ?
    If so, please make the 2000GT, 300SL or KPGC10 Skyline 2000GT-R.

    Happy New Year!

  25. Toby

    2016 Ford GT LeMans Body for touring car or F103 gt

    Ferrari 488gtb / 675lt gt3/ Huracan gt3/ basically all the current cars in GT3 in rc body. Would be great if Tamiya can have a large lineup so people will be more interested in endurance rc racing. Also release them in LW versions.

    A better remount spec tire for asphalt RC racing than the current b3.

  26. Rich

    RC: 1/10 Top Force
    RC: 1/10 Top Force EVO
    RC: 1/10 Mazda 787B – 58102
    RC: 1/10 2017 Nismo GTR
    RC: 1/10 Mclaren P1

    Also some newer F1 bodies eg. Ferrari, Redbull Racing etc..

  27. Steve

    My wishes are:

    1/10th – RC Cars

    Re-release Tyrrell 018 Body set (Jean Alesi Debut Car!)
    Re-release parts/body sets for all F1 Competition Special Cars

    New F1 Bodysets for the F104, TRF101, and TRF102

    1/12th F1 Cars

    Lotus 72C – Rindt Car from 1970
    Lotus 72E Fittipaldi/Peterson car 1973
    Brabham BT44 from 1974
    McLaren M23 – any version other than what has been released.
    Ferrari 312T from 1976 (AIRBOX is different)
    Lotus 78 (1978 version) the recent release is incorrect. Need more detail changes.
    Ferrari 312T4 – Monaco Version (Big Wing!)
    Tyrrell P34 – Monaco Version from 1977 or Japanese Version
    Lotus 49(C) version from Rindt’s Monaco
    McLaren MP4/6 – Brazil Version with different wings
    Williams FW14 – backdate the FW14B version


    Mercedes W05, W06, or W07
    Williams FW07(B)/C

    As you see love F1 !

  28. Lex

    Rc 1-10 Rerelease
    Toyota celica Repsol
    Blazing blazer
    and more hardbody’s and less lexan
    Happy newyear all people bhind this blog

  29. Lex

    OH’ and something else to say Tamiya ,how do you like to bring some vintage motors out like the Dynatech serie’s? It would be awsome.
    Cheers all

  30. Shane

    I would live too see the Vanquish & Terra Scorcher, and Hotshot 2. I see the Boomerang is coming back! Looks like I know what my next Tamiya purchase will be! The Astute or Super Astute would be cool too!

  31. Oldskool

    Mini 4wd
    -Super FM chasis revision like super 1 become super 2 , can we call it super FM 2 may be…..
    – Premium Brocken Gigant with new version of super FM chasis
    – Neo Burning sun premium, Crimson Glory Premium

  32. RCING not RACING

    a BigWig in a new colorway, including chromed pipes and roll cage and e.g. aluminum made or at least black instead of blue damper stays, to make it less toyish – ’cause toys they are not – would be great.

  33. RCING not RACING

    Tamiya does so many great scale model kits.
    How about a RC Schwimmwagen or Kübelwagen with a bunch of Hippie kids in it?
    An amphibious ARGO 8×8 would be fun!

  34. pfuture

    A new hard body truck using the Bruiser chassis would be great. The world needs more Tamiya 3 speed.

  35. Gary Redshaw

    More European GT and Prototype cars from the World Endurance Championship, such as the Aston Martin GTE that just won at Le Mans, great looking car.

  36. Claudio

    Toyota yaris wrc 2017 !!!! Ford motorsport fiesta 2017wrc , hiunday i 20 WRC. Citroën c 3 WRC 2017. Please !!

  37. Al


    Would be great to have a 35th Anniversary re-issue of old Racing Mini 4WD with their original Type- chassis, as happened for the 15th and 25th Anniversaries. Would really bring back many happy childhood memories 🙂


    Hornet Jr.
    Hotshot Jr.
    Fox Jr.
    Bigwig Jr.

  38. Jim Kupstas

    Acura NSX GT3 either IMSA MSR version or PWC RTR version!! Already have the street car, how about the GT3 race version!

  39. WRC New Zealand

    I’m pretty sure Tamiya will make a 1:10 Yaris WRC. In the past, Tamiya have already produced Toyota Rally Cars, being the Celica GT4 and the Corolla WRC, so the relationship is already there. In terms of Gazoo Racing, Tamiya have already made a Gazoo TRD 86 in 1:10. Tamiya has even made Makinen 1:10’s when he was at Mitsubishi and Subaru. Looking quickly at the Yaris WRC, the main sponsor is Mircosoft, so they might be trying to work a deal with them. Hopefully they can collaberate. Imagine that, a Tamiya Microsoft XBox bundle, which could include an Xbox with WRC7 and a Tamiya 1:10 Yaris WRC RC, so all the kids and the adult kids are covered for any weather type. What I would love to see is Tamiya to produce a 1:10 Yaris from Rally Finland where Toyota came so close to clinching a 1-2-3… If they can make the stickers for cars #10, #11 and #12. I will buy 3 cars and keep them as models. Goodluck Tamiya, give the people what they want.

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