Officially still unconfirmed surprise of Tamiya 47330 1/10 The Bigwig (2017) re-release

Funnily we used the Bigwig a month ago for Tamiyablog’s 10 year anniversary (as it was a released as a special anniversary kit to celebrate 10 years Tamiya RC models) and yesterday I couldn’t decide whether to post its promo video (since this year is its 30th anniversary) or the Quick Drive promo video on Flashback Friday, Tamiya never fails to surprise us.

Source is Metro Hobbies and since they use still photos of the original we decided to use for now our recent background image, a scan from the great old Tamiya Guide Books.

Tamiya original Bigwig 58057 - not 47330 re-release

Tamiya original Bigwig 58057 – not 47330 re-release

Released in July 1986, on the 10th anniversary of Tamiya’s first RC, the Bigwig was a landmark in the development of Tamiya RC racing cars and remains highly prized as a collectors’ car for its unique design. This was the first Tamiya car with a body penned by an outside designer: Japanese full size race car designer and team owner Takuya Yura. This re-release version is based closely upon the original, with some tweaks to bring it up to date. This unique car featured a rack and pinion steering system and distinctive Moon Dish wheels. The body styling was innovative, and as all Tamiya kits were, easy to build and good value for money.

★ This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 390mm, width: 234mm, height: 163mm.
★ Aerodynamic body is lightweight and durable polycarbonate. Engine and exhausts are depicted by chassis parts.
★ Utilizes a sturdy ABS resin bathtub-type chassis.
★ Shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain for excellent stability off-road, with full ball bearings ensuring minimal power loss.
★ 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with CVA oil dampers lets the car tackle bumpy surfaces.
★ Rack and pinion steering (unique to this Tamiya model) gives excellent driving feel. Boots cover the steering tie-rods, and anti-wear grease is included in the kit to seal the mechanism from dirt and gravel.
★ “Aerodish” 1-piece wheels are combined with oval block pattern tires for superior grip.
★ Stickers have been redesigned while keeping to the overall theme of the original.
★ Includes a GT-Tuned motor (25T) with sticker unique to this model.
★ ESCs 22mm and lower in height can be fitted in the kit standard position.

2 thoughts on “Officially still unconfirmed surprise of Tamiya 47330 1/10 The Bigwig (2017) re-release

  1. Gamepuppy


    At Last, the Bigwig makes it’s long-awaited return!!!

    Now all we need to know is WHEN!?!

  2. Justin

    Yaaaaaay,now all they need to do is bring back the avante black avante 2001 the porsche 959 hotshot 2 ..??

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