40 – 30 = 10 Years Tamiyablog Anniversary


In September 2006, when the 30th anniversary Tamiya RC Porsche 934 (#49400, with Valliant scheme and TA05 based chassis) was announced, we started this fan website/blog as a place to gather interesting Tamiya related news and articles. Now, exactly 10 years later, Tamiya released their 40th anniversary RC Porsche 934 (#84431, with Jägermeister scheme and TA02SW chassis) and we have come quite some way from there.

In this period we have posted 941 articles, have had more than 4.000.000 visits and 2000 reader comments in our website and more than 6000 fans in our much later started Facebook page. We have reported live 9 times from Nuremberg Toy fair, presented a couple of dozens of our customized builds and organised an award competition for our readers. Our long term target is to be complete and easily searchable database of older and newest Tamiya related news and articles which disappear in the long run from other websites. We pay to run this site fully on our behalf since we didn’t want to clutter it with ads and also so that Tamiya stays what it always meant to us, a hobby and passion and not a business.

Since Tamiya had released their Bigwig (#58057) in 1986 to celebrate their 10th anniversary of RC, it couldn’t miss in our little 10 years celebration, as also a little self made cake (please excuse our poor cake decorating abilities, thankfully our Tamiya builds and reports are bit better). The biggest change though is the new responsive design of our website which we hope you will find easier to read, also at mobile devices.

A big thank you to all our readers, supporters, members and Tamiya who made us what we are today!

To the next 10 years,
The team of Tamiyablog

2 thoughts on “40 – 30 = 10 Years Tamiyablog Anniversary

  1. poul frederiksen

    Happy 10th anniversary. I read your website many times a week. I am a little dissapointed in the 40th porsche 934 kit. There are no unique parts in this kit at all. I bought this kit and a tt02r kit. The tt02r kit has unique silver plastic dampers in the kit. Why not mould the ta02 gearboxes in orange or something like that ? I know this site is not directly affiliated with tamiya, just needed to express my opinion.

  2. admin Post author

    Poul, thank your for your kind and honest comment, we also find the kit a bit “poor” especially compared to the 49400 but must also consider that it only costs approximately half the price. Am sure the 50th Tamiya RC anniversary kit will be VERY special though! 😎
    Best regards,

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