56th All Japan Model Hobby Show official Tamiya Tools & Paint list and photos

Precision drill bit 0.6mm (shaft diameter 1.0mm)
precision drill bit 0.7mm (shaft diameter 1.0mm) with a sharp edge and high rigidity, will add 0.6mm and 0.7mm in handy precision drill bit to the exact drilling. Ideal for precise shallow hole machining of plastic model. Root securely attached to a thicker pin vise than the drill part, runout difficult for the feature.
★ Craft tool series Nanba127,128 FINE PIVOT DRILL BIT 0.6Mm (SHANK DIA. 1.0Mm) (74127), FINE PIVOT DRILL BIT 0.7Mm (SHANK DIA. 1.0Mm) (74128) ★ sharp blade attached to a high-speed steel processing alms, excellent sharpness and durability. ★ it was to print the drill diameter to the shaft portion.
November 12, around released
November 9 shipping 360 yen (excluding tax)

Spray-Work Power Compressor
Spray-Work power compressor is stable blown compressor that allows the paint at a higher pressure. Polish painting of car models and motorcycle models from a wide big scale model of the painting area will be finished beautifully. It can be freely set by the pressure meter with air regulator with a drainage function. In addition, the compressor was also equipped with a hanger switch which is turned on only when you remove the air brush.
★ Tamiya air brush system Nanba53 SPRAY-WORK POWER AIR COMPRESSOR (74553) ★ maximum air pressure 0.4MPa, air discharge rate per minute 9-12 liters. ★ such as fine camouflage paint, also supports blown fine dropped the air pressure. ★ power a household outlet (AC100V, 50 / 60Hz).
October 29, around released
October 26, 34,800 yen (excluding tax)

Anti-vibration mat for compressor
Anti-vibration mat for the compressor is a rubber sponge mat to suppress the vibration laid under the compressor. There is a 10mm and a sufficient thickness, firmly absorbs the vibration of a large compressor. Since you are using the material of hardening, it is also characterized by the compressor is less likely to become unstable.
★ Tamiya air brush system Nanba54 AIR COMPRESSOR ANTI-VIBRATION MAT (74554) ★ size is the perfect size about 155 × 225 × 10mm, to power the compressor. ★ color is black.
October 29, around released
October 26, shipping 580 yen (excluding tax)

Paint Remover (250ml)
Paint Remover (250ml) acrylic, is solvent washable enamel, lacquer, each paint of polycarbonate. Less likely to damage the surface of the resin, nor does it detract from the clarity of the polycarbonate body. You can also peel off the plating if Tsukekome plating parts for about 1 hour.★ make-up material series Nanba183 PAINT REMOVER (87183) ★ also characterized by less odor in the water-soluble type. ★ You can use repeatedly for about two to three times. ★ it can not be used in ABS resin.
November 12, around released
November 9 shipping 960 yen (tax not included)