Confirmed – Tamiya 58636 TA07 Pro Chassis Kit

Brand New 4WD touring chassis which bears the name of the TA is finally appeared. The optimum roll and pitching stiffness
in order to exert, employs a composite chassis that combines upper frame to narrow type of Lower Deck,
it can be adjusted chassis stiffness by detaching a part of the frame. Drive system is a single-belt,
can choose the mounting position of the motor is three places, and for a variety of course layouts and settings.
Steering and suspension, adoption and TRF419 that has been trained in the practice race the same format to Diff.
It is the order of the number one of the new car in the race scene of the season. Distinctive style that combines the upper frame to narrow the type of resin Lower Deck. The chassis rigidity parts to adjust also standard equipment, can be adjusted in the grip balance by desorption. The first belt drive 4WD adopted , achieving a high efficiency and a variety of drive variations. Motor mounting position of the three locations to choose in the run can change the motor layout in three positions. In accordance with the course layout and the road surface condition and a wide range of settings. Layout also change the exchange of belt only in the re-adjustment of the tension is not required. TA07 is a function of the unique to enjoy the three different handling characteristics on a single machine. TRF419 a common type with a proven track record suspension in the race. The new suspension mount is also available. Diff gears and steering Ackerman also TRF419 and the same format, it is a more practical vehicle body component. The battery can be out from the chassis side.
★ Full bearing specifications
★ Universal shaft (before or after)
★ TRF special damper (hard black coat)
★ High Torque Servo Saver (Black)
※ body, motor, RC equipment, tires are not included. Main parts included

Will be shown together with other upcoming releases at 55th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2016.

55th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2016