Official Tamiya New Items January 2016 List

R/C Models
58626  1/10 R/C Raikiri GT (TT-02)
42298  1350 Ball Bearing (Fluorine Sealed) 2pcs.
54680  2WD Buggy Front Star-Dish Wheels (Blue)
54681  4WD Buggy Front Star-Dish Wheels (Blue)
54682  Buggy Rear Star-Dish Wheels (Blue)
47310  Aluminum Heat Sink (DB01, DB02)
47311  DB01 Aluminum Front Suspension Mount (12°Skid Angle)
47312  DB01 Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (3°Toe-In)

Italeri No.6504 1/35 Italy diatomaceous wheel armored vehicle Rinche
Italeri No.6523 1/35 German Panzer I type B

95078  Super Avante Black Special (VS Chassis)
95239  Carbon Reinforced Super FM Chassis Set
95241  Mini 4WD Fluorescent Wheel Set (Small Diameter, Low Profile)
95242  Super X Reinforced Chassis Set (Red/Black)
95243  FM Reinforced Chassis (Red)

Tools & Paints
70222  Friction Power Unit
69901  1.5mm Bit for Modeler’s Punch
69902  2.5mm Bit for Modeler’s Punch
69903  3.5mm Bit for Modeler’s Punch

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