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Tamiya 95221 JR Mini 4WD Carry Pit

– Machine, parts case, large transporter of convenient large capacity to carry in your houses and tools

– Optimal transporter at the time of participation of the four wheel drive mini race is appeared.
– Interior divided into two upper and lower stages are possible storage of a large capacity.
– Four wheel drive mini multi-case and mini four wheel drive parts case set in the upper part, a tool, such as a low height machine, lower the machine and four wheel drive mini catcher, such as a mini four wheel drive check box can be stored.
– In addition, the back side of the upper lid can be used as a pit table, it will come in handy in the tournament venue.
– Upper and lower is simple lock by causing the handle to prevent jumping out of the storage product by tightening forgetting to buckle.
– Four wheel drive mini logo and carved full of a sense of official.

– Size 434 × 233 × 271mm
– Body buckle Handle cover material: impact-resistant copolymers

Tamiya 31359 1/700 IJN Light Cruiser Mogami (Water Line Series)

Tamiya 31359

Full length: approx 286.5mm.

– The light cruiser, heavy cruiser, was transition to the aviation cruiser the origin `light cruiser` specification [top] 1/700 WL series first model!

– From light cruiser heavy cruiser, and top with a ship calendar that eventful that change the appearance to the aviation cruiser.
– Initial light and cruiser specification adds to finally WL series.
– Such as the smooth lines and induction chimney from the bow toward the stern, modeled without leaving the smart appearance.
– Massive full hull in the left and right split type, broadside part also three-dimensional feeling enough.
– Distinctive rear mast and cranes, high-angle guns of the rear deck next departure bullets loaded exercise machine is also a realistic finish.

– Main turret of 15.5cm3 twin assembled after pivotable.
– HeiSo-rui and main mast, even such as bridge sharp finish.
– 94 Equation No. 1 Water reconnaissance aircraft 1 aircraft and 95 Formula Water reconnaissance aircraft 2 aircraft is set.

Tamiya 84418 RC TT-02B MS details and photos

Tamiya 84418 RC TT-02B MS

Appearance was decorated with popular TRF color in the race scene “TT-02B MS” is! It was fitted with a CAV oil damper on bathtub type of main frame, four-wheel double wishbone suspension of the long arm specification. In assembling the popular TT-02B chassis also as an entry 4WD buggy model with ease and high driving performance, it is a special model with standard equipment optional parts that are stable driving performance. The body is allowed to cockpit forward, the futuristic form of dual edge that has been configured with a smooth surface, we have set the TRF sticker that reproduces the MS color (Tamiya Racing Factory) machine. The underlying full-bearing specification of driving performance up. The propeller shaft and propeller joints that transmit the motor power can be made ​​of aluminum, to improve the driving efficiency to minimize blurring of the shaft. Furthermore equipment completion such as aluminum rear upright to improve the stability of the front and rear FRP damper stays and cornering to expand the width of the setting is packed. It is recommended model that becomes the immediate use of the race.

The main parts accompanying
OP.497 TT-02B / TT-01 full bearing set
OP.1501 TT-02 aluminum propeller shaft
OP.1502 TT-02 aluminum propeller joint
OP.1556 TT-02B FRP front damper bracket set
OP.1557 TT-02B FRP rear damper bracket set
OP.1555 TT-02 FRP battery plate and transponder bracket set
OP.793 DF-02 Aluminum 2-way rear upright