Some more future Tamiya RC kit details

58614 1/10 R/C Suzuki Jimny (JB23) (MF-01X)

Three wheel base further widen the play!
Compact shaft drive 4WD model is new!

★ Compact M orthodox play tough in the chassis size! “MF-01X” chassis
Choosing a travel location in handy size “involuntarily want become Tsuredashi to play” has been developed on the concept of “MF-01X” chassis. The main frame is a monocoque structure that is integral to the gear box, and both light weight and high rigidity. The middle of the chassis of the horizontal battery, I’ve realized the shaft 4WD compact size in the rear motor layout. Equipped with tire of touring car size to 4-wheel double wishbone suspension, and finished in the “play” chassis you do not choose a place to run. Also, change the spacer is joint to the chassis, it is three wheelbase by combining shaft released simultaneously selectable.

★ The body is a Choice “Suzuki Jimny”
Compact and fit the chassis concept that can play tough, and chose “Suzuki Jimny” the body. Yet light car, and model the popularity of JB23 type to be full-fledged 4WD cross-country diversity to the base of the competition vehicle and customized car as vehicle. To “MF-01 X chassis” on compact M size, 1/10 in combination with the touring car the size of the rally block tires, perfect for the Jimny running around to healthy image. Even customize the vehicle as well machine to their liking good, also take out the leisure accompany good, it is one that easily can taste the fun of hobby RC car.

★ To transfer the motor power that was installed in the Riyaendo in front in the chassis side of the shaft.
Simple main frame of the monocoque structure also an integrated gear box, I was also pursuing ease of assembly.

★ 3 types of wheel-based can be selected
3 replace the mainframe central spacer block formed in a split, the wheelbase of the three by combining the different lengths of the simultaneous release shaft can be selected. You can also enjoy in combination with existing M chassis body.
S Wheelbase: 210mm
M Wheelbase: 225mm (Jimny)
L Wheelbase: 239mm
★ wheelbase change for propeller shaft also released simultaneously planned

42288 1/10 R/C TRF211XM Chassis Kit
New materials of the industry’s first adoption change the run!
Off-road racing user attention, appeared chassis kit “TRF211XM” which has made ​​the state-of-the-art evolution!
With the aim of success in the future of off-road scene, and developed a machine that employs the industry’s first new material! !
Showed a runner results in recent memory in 2013 IFMAR off-road world championship “TRF201XMW”.
To respond to this machine to always off-road scene to continue to evolve, to adopt the industry’s first new material chassis developed “TRF211XM”,
we aim to flagship of a new off-road.
off-road scene the high speed of the advance. Improvement of grip force will grip the maneuverability of the key.
New materials of bathtub chassis that has been adopted aims to grip improvement achieved with no running feeling ever.
Grip force and response force has been greatly increased by adopting the material of the chassis that combines the strength and elasticity.
In addition, the chassis layout for that support a variety of battery, the race in the top category of course,
also active in the Tamiya off-road All Japan Championship Tamiya sponsored making it the promise can be one.
Worked in various situations inevitable! !
High chassis capacity will demonstrate a wide range of adaptability! !
★ New design Riyasutefuna battery Steph donor battery plate, brass (brass) is adopted suspension mounts & Cooling slipper plate.
Parts involved in the chassis rigidity to suit the new chassis is the new design.
And has adopted the new suspension mount to secure the grip.
In addition, slipper plate has been designed aimed at cooling effect.
★ high strength, high elasticity and high impact resistance to the excellent new material “Quick Form (R)” adoption of the bathtub chassis! !
New of the new generation material “Quick Form (R)”.
The material is that combines the benefits of metal and resin in high performance stampable sheet to balance the physical properties and moldability.
Despite the material of high strength, is the material most suitable for off-road chassis also notable to say that super-lightweight.

42289 1/10 R/C TRF102 Chassis Kit
Adopted new T-bar-type rear suspension for independent control the roll and pitch
to exhibit excellent road surface follow-up in the race “TRF102 chassis kit” appeared!
Tamiya Grand Prix, etc., in a variety of road conditions, it is 2WD Formula chassis has been developed so that it can be exhibited consistently high driving performance.
And equipped with a roll point ball and pitching shaft, adopted the new T-bar-type rear suspension that the roll and pitch can be completely independently control each.
I will deliver outstanding road surface follow-up. Furthermore traction battery floating mount fixed to 2.0mm thick carbon upper deck.
I pull out the center on both sides cut of 2.5mm thick carbon Lower deck put the bending to the maximum.
[Accessories Parts]
★ TRF102 dedicated carbon Lower deck (2.5mm thickness)
★ TRF102 dedicated carbon upper deck (2.0mm thickness)
★ TRF102 dedicated Aluminum Servo stay
★ TRF102 dedicated aluminum motor mount
★ TRF102 dedicated rear suspension (T bar set)
★ TRF damper
★ OP.1161 F104 low friction suspension ball set
★ OP.1357 F104 adjustable metal upright set
★ SP.1000 High Torque Servo Saver (Black)
★ def plate-integrated carbon rear shaft
★ strengthening type front suspension arm
★ Front pointed to King pin coil spring independent of the left and right.
By making the reinforcing type suspension arms, and has a balance that can be used more bending of the entire chassis.
Steering servo uses a new type aluminum servo mount and carbon steel bridge that is lighter, securely fixed by screws.
Furthermore servo mount was optimizing the mounting rigidity of the chassis.
★ In order to maximize the bending of carbon Lower deck, adopted a floating mount to fix the traction battery to carbon upper deck.
And to achieve a substantial suspension stroke up, creating a handling a sense of stability in smooth.
In addition, expanding the mechanical mounting space compared to TRF101. I have increased the degree of freedom of choice and layout of electrical equipment.
★ Adopt new T-bar-type rear suspension that provides a complete independent control of pitch and control.
Roll point ball is set to chassis limit low position, and maximize the roll moment.
Furthermore pitching shaft is completely self-contained, I have to ensure a smooth moving to the road surface gap.
In addition, the new motor mount was made ​​possible to adjust the mounting position of the rear wing.

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