More Tamiya previews and guidance of the 54th Shizuoka Hobby Show

Trader invitation date ※ general of the person can not be your admission
May 14, 2015 (Thursday) 9:30 to 16:30
May 15, 2014 (Friday) 9:30 to 16:30 public days in May 2014 16 day (Sat) 9:00 to 17:00 May 17, 2014 (Sun) 9: 00 ~ 16: 00 ※ gift, such as a plastic model to both days first 1,000 people to (junior high school or less interest) venue twin Messe Shizuoka sponsored Shizuoka model materials cooperative ⇒ 54th Shizuoka Hobby Show official website

Topic a lot, the nation’s largest scale of model hobby event “54th Shizuoka Hobby Show”. The exhibition in one fell swoop the new products to be released in the summer in the Tamiya booth. This time, new products of interest jostling with each genre! . You can see slowly and carefully the new product before the sale at the venue. Of course, also welcome questions and requests to explain staff! . Others, looking forward to shopping in uniform are a variety of products and goods “sales corner”. “The popular every year Tamiya open house “is also held at the same time. 2 days of doing hobby in the fresh green of Shizuoka, please come all together your family!

Tamiya Booth new product of attention!

★ 1/32 Aircraft Series de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI
masterpiece versatile twin-engine machine mosquito of the Royal Air Force, which was called an active part in every mission, “wonders of the wooden machine”. Fighter-bomber type is its flagship type, FB Mk.VI (6) is appeared in 1/32 scale of force. Accurately model the elegant outline on the basis of thorough actual coverage. Wing adopted the actual similar structure to be joined to the body the robust main girder parts by connecting the left and right to the nucleus. Tire is full of attractions such as the tread pattern and its own weight deformation is realistic in the molding in the clever parts division. ★ full width 515mm. ★ cockpit interior and lower torso of the bomb bay also dense finish. ★ 7.7mm machine gun and 20mm cannon also precisely reproduce the nose. ★ 500ポンドbombs and crew of dolls three bodies, with marking three.


※ The photograph is a real machine. It is different from the product specifications.

★ 1/35 Military Miniature Series Germany Panther D type
biggest initial type of faces he Panther tanks tank battle in the “Battle of Kursk” in the first battle, D type is added to finally 1 / 35MM series. The only existing the vehicle carefully and interviewed, and modeled a complete new design a fearless figure with a tilt armor and powerful long-barreled 7.5cm gun in the Netherlands. Three detail up parts that complement the pivotal points effectively also appeared at the same time. Please check the origin of the masterpiece tank means. ★ Length: 254mm. ★ D-early also parts of smoke grenade launchers that can be seen in the. ★ track adopted a quick and realistic belt. ★ bust and the outside of the vehicle crew of doll one body of the commander, with decals three types of Kursk battle.


※ The photograph is an actual vehicle. It is different from the product specifications.

★ Mini 4WD PRO series shooting Proud Star (MA chassis)
was published in the “Colo Aniki” “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” new car that appeared in the now also four wheel drive mini early. While leaving the image of the Dash No. 3 Shooting Star is a charming style features that have been configured with long thin canopy and complex rear of shape. Chassis is excellent in driving efficiency, has adopted the MA also can be easily assembled for easy maintenance integral structure. ★ to set the slick tire in the large-diameter four-spoke wheel of the white-collar. With marking sticker tighten the form ★. ★ with a double shaft motor. Gear ratio is 4: 1.


★ New entry RC car first wave [tentative name]
four AA batteries and the power source, all-in-one of the completed RC buggy is the new appearance. Brand New chassis buggy type of rear-wheel drive. 4-wheel strut suspension is a simple structure. The rear end it was equipped with a 370 type motor of easy to control characteristics. ESC and also unit with integrated receiver of 2.4GHz specification newly developed, can accommodate from 4.8V to 7.2V. ★ completed RC car of a full-length 282mm. The transmitter wheel type. ★ familiar Nezu Kota Mr. responsible for the design of polycarbonate body mini four-wheel drive. ★ steering servo using a 1/10 size.

tamiya entry rc car

※ The photograph is an image of being developed. It is different from the product specifications.

★1/10 engine RC car TG-10 Mk.2 FZ New with body [tentative name]
and a top speed of growth, the TG10-Mk.2FZ chassis exhaust sound of the charm that plays a high tone, was a combination of the body of the original design . Body that combines the styling and aerodynamic effects, which become familiar Nezu Kota’s hand in the four wheel drive mini. The overall form that stance low to wide, sharp headlights create a fearless look, is before and after the fender features protruding. Overall length 430mm. ★ duralumin Roi, with a Tamiya FS-12FZ engine and two-speed mission of the amount of exhaust 2.1cc a double deck frame of the resin upper to adopt the shaft 4WD chassis.


※ The photograph is an image of being developed. It is different from the product specifications.

★ 1/10 electric RC car Suzuki Jimny (JB23) (MF-01X)
is a Brand New models of compact M chassis size that adopts the shaft drive 4WD appeared. The main frame is divided into three parts monocoque, which is integrated to the gear box. Is placed next to the battery in the center of the vehicle body, it is equipped with a motor in the rear end. Double wishbone independent suspension, and fitted with a rally block tires for touring car. Body was chose Suzuki Shimuni (JB23 type). Overall length 347mm. ★ shaft 4WD chassis that ran enjoy it anywhere. ★ replace the central block of the frame, by combining the propeller shaft optional, three wheelbase are selectable.

tamiya 58614

★ 1/10 electric RC car RC buggy Kumamonbajon (DT-02)
popular bear RC car 2nd buggy style topped Mon driver. I put the doll of “Kumamon” to the two-wheel drive buggy you do not choose a place to run from on-road to off-road. Rode in the driver’s seat and hold the handle doll of “Kumamon” is set in the pre-painted completed state. 380 types of motors tractable power characteristics which is mounted on the vehicle body rear portion. Body impact styrene resin that can be painted. ★ Length: 390mm. ★ Kumamon and tomatoes, such as watermelon illustrations, liven up the fun stickers also rich set. ★ You can also enjoy the built in performance up the optional parts sold separately.

tamiya 58615

(C) 2010, Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamon

Hobby Show limited sale items

Hobby Show venue, in the Tamiya sale corner stocks charm full of goods. Please come and visit us. ※ Tamiya open house also it has been sold in the venue. Image “rice cake with kinako Tamiya package (2015 Shizuoka Hobby Show)”

tamiya mochi 2015

Self-Defense Forces vehicle is coming !!

Only in a few opportunities Self-Defense Forces vehicle of force is the !! usually coming to the twin Messe Shizuoka to the eye, it does not miss this chance!
★ Date: May 16 (Sat), 17 (Sunday)
★ Location: Twin Messe Shizuoka first small exhibition hall Self-Defense Forces public relations corner before
cooperation: the Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka local cooperation headquarters / Ground Self-Defense Force first Armored Education Corps / Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka District Headquarters recruitment support team


We will deliver a Ustream live video from the venue!

Last year of the video “Tamiya spring and summer new item report 2014”

May 15 (Friday) from noon 12:00, Ustream TAMIYA LIVE is ahead of the public days of the Shizuoka Hobby Show at, you can see the video of the early announcement of new products! While patrol a new product exhibition corner of Tamiya booth, and introduce the items to be worried about. It will deliver from the twin Messe Shizuoka to be the venue. ⇒Ustream TAMIYA LIVE · 2015 year5 month program


Simultaneous held Tamiya Open House!

★ May 16 (Sat), 17 (Sun.) 9: 00 ~ 16: 30
★ Venue: Shizuoka Suruga-ku Ondabara 3-7 Tamiya headquarters building
to open the Tamiya headquarters in Hobby Show public days. Professional staff in each department will answer your questions of everyone. History Museum and the exhibited products from wooden model era, including the lobby vehicle of F1 machine is exhibited, in the hotel, there is also an attraction corner and sales corner, such as machine tools Square and four wheel drive mini course. Please come by all means have all your family. ⇒ Open House information


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