Colo Aniki No. 2 finally released!

Colo Aniki No. 2
Item No: 63609 March 14日年2015 (Saturday) Release 750 yen (base price 694 yen)
A5 size 546 issue page: Shogakukan [Colo comic No. 2 adults die give to Colo graduates] ” CoroCoro Comic “you can not experience in, Colo of Aniki magazine packed with cartoon game Hobby, No. 2 is finally the emergence of popular,” Colo Aniki “. In addition to the series second episode of the large read the echo newly written by the “Roaring Brothers Let’s & Go !!” author of the hip was Tetsuhiro teacher manga “Roaring Brothers Let’s & Go !! return racer’s”, that “dash! Four wheel drive wax “is resurrected finally by genius-Hiroyuki Takei teacher of the hands of the cartoon world, dash legend of the new century is to start from here! One book essential to all four wheel drive mini fan. This is not to be missed!




※ chassis is not included. MS / MA and can be mounted on the chassis.

[Manga published title]
★ “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” (Hiroyuki Takei)
★ “Roaring brother Let’s & Go !! return racer’s” The (waist was Tetsuhiro)
★ “Colo launched legend” (Nomura Jimbo)
★ ” Kattobase! Kiyohara-kun “(Junji Kawai)
★ “absolute sacrificed Denjarasuji’s salaryman Hen” (Soyama Kazutoshi)
★ “Ark” (Farfugium japonicum HS) of Y
★ “BLUE GIANT Special Edition” (Shinichi Ishizuka) such as [article page] ★ four wheel drive mini new machine information “four wheel drive mini new legend accelerated!”, etc. [appendix] ★ four wheel drive mini dash No. 3 meteor (Shooting Star) Gold-plated body ★ “Puzzle & Dragons” other popular app ” serial code ” ★ 3 large limited card “Duel Masters”, “buddy Fight”, “all the host Shinra chocolate”, etc.

Luxury appendix “Dash! Yonkuro” of southward Karo love machine, gold-plated body of Dash No. 3 meteor (Shooting Star)

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