Tamiya 58601 1/10 RC Tractor Kumamon Version WR-02G Chassis Details, Photos & Video

Kumamon and the Let’s Play in the off-road together is the electric radio control car assembly kit of the nose that was rounded has put the “Kumamon” doll in unique agricultural tractor. Long bonnet, reproduce rear portion of the vehicle body of the driver’s seat, such as fender covering the large diameter of the rear tire a classical style to Real in polycarbonate. Was riding in the driver’s seat and behind the wheel “Kumamon” doll was set in painted finished state. Of and illustrations Kumamon that stick to the body, available in Kumamoto Prefecture of specialty tomatoes and watermelon illustrations such as also stickers. Also, as for display, painted straw hat that covered the Kumamon also I was set. Front wheel is 97mm, different tire of the rear wheel diameter 130mm front and rear are mounted on the wheel of the red color. Feet also I have put together in the color ring image of Kumamon.

Wheelie fun, rear-wheel drive chassis WR-02G of the drive wheel after mounting the tire diameters are different before and after. Employs a monocoque frame to be fixed by itself to the gear case, and enhance the rigidity by mounting the side members on the outside. The motor is mounted on the almost center of the chassis, transfer the power to the rear wheels in gear. The closed type of gear case I have a built-in Diff. And, point of the traction battery is placed vertically in the rear portion of the vehicle body. By mounting the enhanced heavy, can be dynamic wheelie traveling only by sudden acceleration. The rear prevent the fall, I was also equipped with wheelie support with a roller. In addition, the steering servo is set on the chassis center line. Adopted the isometric 2-piece tie rod, creating a handling characteristics without the habit. Suspension is high off-road four-wheel double wishbone. Gear boxes such as the assembly The pre in motor mounted state, ease of making also features.

Basic Specifications ★ Length: 345mm, overall width 253mm, height 235mm ★ gross weight about 1670g (RC mechanical, including battery, etc.) ★ Wheelbase 170mm ★ tread = Front 189mm, rear 195mm ★ Tire Width / Diameter = Front 57 / 97mm, rear 58 / 130mm ★ frame = resin monocoque type ★ Drivetrain: rear-wheel two-wheel drive ★ Suspension: Double wishbone 4-wheel independent ★ Dampers: Front and Rear Friction ★ steering tie rod = 2 split ★ Front scheme = 3 Beberudefu ★ Gear Ratio = 1: 18.3 ★ Type 540 Motor ★ Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

Intended to be a purchased separately ★ Fine spec 2.4G RC electric drive set ★ power supply for transmitter (AA batteries 4)

XB RC tractor Kumamonbajon (WR-02G chassis)
Already completed a full set soon traveling to enjoy, of course painted the complete vehicle body, optimal wheel to car control Trigger type of transmitter, traveling for 7.2V battery, also I have set charger. RC mecha such as Crystal exchange, without the need for band adjustment, feel free to adopt the 2.4GHz radio set to enjoy multiple units. ※ power for the transmitter (4 AA batteries) sold separately

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