Some new official Tamiya RC photos and hopups

42281 TRF418 Stabilizer Set

54581 OP.1581 XV-01 Long Carbon Damper Stay

54582 OP.1582 XV-01 Long Carbon Damper Stay

54583 OP.1583 M chassis front titanium coated board Suspension Shaft

54586 5 × 50mm lightweight gear shaft
★ It is an optional part to be used interchangeably with the shaft to be used for the counter gear.
★ By using a hollow shaft, weight reduction of about 5g 1 per book will be possible. Two sets.
Applicable Products ::: GF-01 chassis, WR-02 chassis system, WT-01 chassis (Blackfoot III, Mud Blaster I: I, etc.)

54590 OP.1590 M chassis inner sponge super hard

54587 OP.1587 aluminum servo stay (WR-02, GF-01)

54588 OP.1588 GF-01 Aluminum Steering arm

54589 OP.1589 Gear diff shim set

★ Use for clearance adjustment of bevel gear of oil-filled gear diff.

★ Shims 0.2mm new design. Width of setting spreads than ever.
★ Set the eight 0.3mm shim and eight 0.2mm shim or φ5xφ10 × 0.1
Applicable product, use shims φ5xφ10 × 0.3: oil-filled gear diff

54590 M chassis inner sponge super hard
★ M05 Ver. It is optional parts also recommended Ⅱ.
★ harder than (53255) M chassis inner sponge hard, which is mainly used currently, the road surface further
Setting to match is possible.
★ or when the road surface temperature is high, such as in high-speed course, twisting of the tire during cornering is it less
Ri, I can expect a running stability.
(Available only to 60D size tire)
Applicable Products ::: M chassis various

54593 OP.1593 TB-04 reinforced gear set
★ It is the OP parts was reinforced resin (40T Diff gear, bevel gear 16T, 20T Maitagiya) the TB-04G parts.
★ It becomes the gear motor high power also withstand improve the durability of the gear and using reinforced resin.
(We recommend the use of ITEM 42128 VG joint and grease cup.)
Applicable Products ::: TB-04 chassis only

54594 OP.1594 TB-04 K carbon reinforced parts

54595 OP.1595 TB-04 carbon reinforced T parts

54596 OP.1596 TB-04 carbon reinforced lower deck

★ TB-04 for various parts that employs a carbon reinforced resin appeared as an option.
★ It is also ideal for carpet road surface you want to use high-grip road surface and driving, the C tire in the summer outdoors.
★ Please use “54232 3mm screw hole tap (M3 × 0.5)” for when you drive a screw in the carbon-reinforced resin.
Applicable Products ::: TB-04 chassis only

56535 TROP.35 aluminum joint lever plate
★ You can use it and replace it with resin joint lever plate standard.
★ texture will improve on behalf of cutting aluminum plate rich feel, the molded article.
★ when mounted auto support legs, instead of the servo mount the press plate, the scale feeling UP.
1/14 RC trailer head various application products

84380 F104 carbon rear shaft Def housing set [Limited]

84381 F104 steel rear shaft [Limited]