Tamiya April 2014 new releases, versions and production batches

Mini 4WD
19621 Aero Mini 4WD Phantom Blade Black Special (Super XX Chassis)
95018 Gunmetal Adjust Mass Damper (2.5g x 6 pcs.)
95019 Low friction Front Under Guard (Black)

56307 Mercedes-Benz 1850L panel van truck
56701 TamTech-Gear Frog 2.4GHz
56711 TamTech-Gear Hotshot 4WD 2.4GHz
57059 Ford F350 high lift full set
57060 Toyota Hilux igh lift full set
57061 Toyota Tundra high lift full set
58489 Avante (2011)

8 thoughts on “Tamiya April 2014 new releases, versions and production batches

  1. Jorge

    Should that read Avante 2001?
    If so it will be a must have.

    For a new model I’d love to see the MB G-Wagon 6×6.

  2. admin Post author

    No, just a new production batch of the 2011 Avante re-release, see item number.

  3. Mr_Screwloose

    This Avante re-release seems to be a huge success.

    The come-back of Tamtech tends to prove that any old model can appear again at any time.

    So we can hope for new batches of Dynastorm, Lancia 037 or any other beauties. Nice.


    I must be the longest and most avid campaigner in living history to re release Avante 2001. It half worked the bodykit got re-released. However the full kit release is required. The last piece of the Avante Family tree.

    Long overdue.

  5. Chaz

    Hi sir, read this posting about future release make me so excited, but this article (if i can say that) is from March and until today there is no clue when Tamiya will be rerelease for this item ?

    Can you give me any information for this sir ? Need your information, because I’m so excited for TamTech Hot Shot.

    Best regards

    PS : you can inform me on email, if you don’t mind 🙂

  6. admin Post author

    you are right, I was also excited about the new production batch but we didn’t hear anything after that, so only thing we can do is to wait and keep fingers crossed.
    Best regards,

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