Tamiya 56523 RC Multi Function Control Unit – Tractor Truck “Euro Style” Details and Video

The popular Multi-Function Control (MFC) unit for R/C tractor trucks, which adds a whole extra layer of realism to driving, receives an update. This unit allows transmitter trim levers to be combined with stick control use, meaning you can enjoy lights, sounds and vibrations coordinated with actions while driving your R/C tractor truck model. This version of the MFC features engine sounds which were recorded from a real European truck’s L6 diesel engine for amazing realism.

  • Features 33 different types of sound, including engine ignition and shutdown, horn, gear changes, brakes, air sound effects and so on. A 60mm-diameter full-range speaker in a resin case provides excellent quality.
  • Up to 21 actions can be controlled using a 4-channel transmitter. Tamiya Attack 2.4 GHZ Radio System 4-channel recommended for best compatibility.
  • Light operation and volume adjustment are also possible using the transmitter.
  • Includes white, red and yellow high brightness LEDs to duplicate truck HID lights with precision.
  • An ESC has been built in to the unit, enabling realistic running at very low speeds.
  • The MFC unit can be run in three modes: R/C mode with Multi-Function (lights and sounds) off; Multi mode, with R/C and multi-function on; Demo mode, which allows display of lights and sounds only.
  • Can be used for support leg operation when employing Item 56505 Motorized Support Legs.
  • Cannot be used together with Item 53909 TLU-01 or Item 53937 TLU-02 LED light units.
  • Requires separately sold 4ch transmitter with slide trims, 4ch receiver and 2 servos (3 if using Item 56505). Tamiya Attack 2.4 GHZ Radio System 4-channel recommended for best compatibility.

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12 thoughts on “Tamiya 56523 RC Multi Function Control Unit – Tractor Truck “Euro Style” Details and Video

  1. khairul

    Hello there..
    Kindly,can i know what is the battery voltage is allow to operate this Tamiya MFU-03?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.


  2. khairul


    Can someone help me to fix the MFU-03 issue?? I had bought the MFU-03 via ebay and installled the unit in my semi truck last week and using 7.2v NiMh battery (Brand new).Everything was great and well. After the installation for afew days i have to park the truck and unplug the battery due to i’m busy working.

    What a shock Now..after full charged my battery and plug it to the esc and try to Switch power ON but there is no red light flashing om the switch and no beeping sound. Seem like no power in from the battery.But my reciever is functioning for my warning light via channel 5.

    I hope your kindly help to fix my problem and hope to hear from you soon.Your helped is highly appreciated

  3. admin Post author

    did you try it with a different battery? If it still doesn’t work check the errors described in the manual and if you still find no solution you must contact the shop from where you bought it.

  4. khairul

    Yes,i had tried to change with different battery but it still not functioning. And i also multiple checked on the manual and there is no solution. I had email the seller but still no respond and now i only hope,mybe you can help me to fix my mfu problem.Seem that you are expert on Tamiya’s item.

    Hope you can help me and very appriciate your helped.

    Thank you.

  5. admin Post author

    unfortunately we don’t have a MFC-03 so we can’t help you there.

  6. Thort

    Same problem with my MFC-03 unit since today. Receiver is powered but no power led. I asked the seller to exchange the unit or repair it.

  7. mavrick0

    Was there a bad batch of these units? I have one coming back from Tamiya that had a bad diode that went bad after only a few hours of use. Now I have a second unit that has only been run for about the same amount of time and went to test it for a show coming up and again nothing. No red light, no response just like the first one. I did buy both units from the same supplier, so wondering if that would be the connection. I’m at a loss, never had anything like this with my knight hauler when I built it with the MFC-01 when that first came out and I know it’s still going strong after 9 years.

  8. admin Post author

    I have also heard of similar cases, please contact your local dealer or distributor.

  9. Thorno

    Hi , last night I had the exact same problem, it was working fine, then half hour later I went to show my mates the noises and sounds….. Nothing, just the rx blinking at me. Fully charged battery
    If anyone has a solution please advise.

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