More Future Releases – Tamiya Neo Scorcher and Nova Fox

22.04.2013 update: 3 RC kits added

18.04.2013 update: 2 RC kits added

17.04.2013 update: Some RC descriptions added
58568 Neo Scorcher (TT-02B)
Beginner 4WD RC Off-Road Buggy! New design “TT-02B chassis” in form of “Neo Scorcher”. Excellent running stability, TT-02B chassis of motor shaft drive 4WD is highly reliable. Frame bathtub type of low center of gravity and wide tread equipped with a flat tub for battery and RC mechanism. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with oil dampers for excellent shock absorption. Flexibility on rough road surface, coupled with a high spike tire grip and high traction. Built-in front and rear differential gearboxes that promise smooth cornering. As a buggy it can be run on any place, recommended for RC beginners. Optional parts can provides a rich tune up.
58565 Subaru BRZ Drift Spec (TT-01D TYPE-E)
58566 TT-02-Benz SLS GT3 AMG
58567 TT-02 Subaru XV
58569 Lancia Delta Integrale (XV-01)
58570 TT-02 Lancia Delta Integrale
58575 Lunch Box Blue Style (CW-01)
Lunch Box plating shines in a refreshing blue! White Blue damper and chassis, wheels finished in blue plated body color. Lunch Box in “Blue Style” with dress-up stickers.
58576 Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Wheelie Blue Style (WR-02)
Jimny Willy finished with a sporty image in blue color! Blue damper and frame, roll bar, plated wheel and white chassis. Jimny Willy in a refreshing “Blue Style” with dress-up stickers.
58577 Nova Fox
The driving force of 80s off-road buggy boom revives as “Nova Fox”! Racing 2WD Buggy that was released in 1985 will be finally resurrected. Durable ABS resin monocoque chassis with built-in RC mechanism in the frame. Sealed gearbox, 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension with rear drive dog-bones. One front, two rear CVA damper with sufficient travel. High drivability by front ribbed tires and rear oval blocks with gold plated wheels.
57861 XB Lunch Box Blue Style (CW-01)
57862 XB Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Wheelie Blue Style (WR-02)
42254 TRF Aeration Damper for Touring Car
42247 TRF Gear Diff Putty
42250 TRF Maintenance Mat (1250x600mm)
42251 TRF Maintenance Mat S (950x600mm)
45059 Finespec 2.4G Propo Set (w/Brushless ESC TBLE-02S)
45060 Finespec 2.4G Electric Drive Set (Blue & Red & White)
51538 Lot Guide Set for Big Bore Damper
51539 Big Bore Damper Piston (phi 1.6×2) (4pcs.)
51540 Big Bore Damper Piston (phi 1.7×2) (4pcs.)
54493 CR-01 Plating Penta-gram Wheel (Offset+5) 2 pieces
54495 RM-01 Aluminum Servo Mount
54496 WR-02 Driver Figure Set (Whole Body)
54498 Carbon Mechanism Plate for TA06
54499 Protection Seal (Hard Type)
54500 TT-02 High Speed Gear Set (68T)
54501 TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Shaft
54502 TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Joint
54503 Aluminum Damper End Ball for Baugy (4pcs.)
54504 Big Bore Damper (Front 2pcs.) for Buggy
54505 Big Bore Damper (Rear 2pcs.) for Buggy
54506 Spring Set (4WD Front) for Big Bore Damper
54507 Spring Set (2WD Front) for Big Bore Damper
54508 Spring Set (2WD/4WD Rear) for Big Bore Damper
54509 Blank Piston for Big Bore Damper (4pcs.)
54510 Adjustable Aluminum Wing Stay
54511 Instant Glue for Rubber Tire (Low Viscosity Type) 25g
54512 Instant Glue Hardening Accelerator for Rubber Tire (Pen Type) 5g
54513 Dress Up Sticker (Sports Style)
84343 CW-01 Color Chassis (Red Style) (RC Limited)
84344 CW-01 Color Chassis (White Style) (RC Limited)
84345 CW-01 Part D (Under Guard) Red Style (RC Limited)
84346 CW-01 Part D (Under Guard) White Style (RC Limited)
84347 CW-01 C.V.A. Damper Short II (White Style) (RC Limited)
84348 WR-02 Part D (Color Chassis) Red Style (RC Limited)
84349 WR-02 Part D (Color Chassis) White Style (RC Limited)
84350 WR-02 Part F (Frame) Red Style (RC Limited)
84351 WR-02 C.V.A. Damper Mini II (White Style) (RC Limited)
84353 TRF101 Titanium Machine Screw Set (RC Limited)

15463 Mini 4WD Multi-Tape (10mm/Blue)
94956 19mm Aluminum Ball Bearing Roller J-CUP 2013 (Orange) (Mini 4WD Limited Edition)
94963 HG AR Chassis Carbon Front Wide stay (2mm/Red Lame) (Mini 4WD Limited Edition)
94964 HG AR Chassis Carbon Rear Wide stay (2mm/Red Lame) (Mini 4WD Limited Edition)
94966 Light 2-stage Aluminum Roller Set (9-8mm) (Mini 4WD Limited Edition)
94973 Mini 4WD Portable Pit (Japan Cup 2013) (Mini 4WD Limited Edition)
94974 Oval Home Circuit Solid Lane Change Type (w/Victory Magnum & Proto-Saber JB Kit)

Please note that all lists are tentative till officially confirmed from Tamiya, INC. and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

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