Future Tamiya releases to be presented at 52nd Shizuoka Hobby Show 2013


42252 TRF101 Chassis Kit (F1)

84352 TA06 Carbon Chassis Kit
45058 Tamiya Brushless Motor 01 16T & Brushless ESC 02 Set (Sensored)
51535 TRF417V5 Diff Joint (L・R)
51536 TRF417V5 Swing Shaft Cap
51537 6mm Snap Pins (15 Pcs.)
54483 Taper Lock Block Tires & 6-Spoke Wheels (CC-01) TEMPORARY DESCRIPTION
54484 Tire Lock Block & 2 Piece Mesh Wheel (CC-01) TEMPORARY DESCRIPTION
54487 TRF201 Reinforced B-Parts (Motor Cover)
54488 TRF201 Large Rear Axle washer (2 Pcs.) TEMPORARY DESCRIPTION
54489 Low Friction 5mm Adjuster (Short, 8 Pcs.) TEMPORARY DESCRIPTION


60324 1/32 F4U-1 Corsair “Bird Cage”

18635 Mini 4WD Blast Arrow (MA Chassis)
94957 Avante Mk.III Azure Black Body Set
94958 Large Dia. 1-Way Wheel Set (For Super X & XX Chassis, Fluorescent Green)

Tools & Paints
65528 Tamiya News No. 528
67057 Earphone Jack Accessory (Tamiya T-Shirt)
74546 Airbrush Manifold (3 Ports)
74547 Air Hose (1.5m/For HG Air Compressor Revo II)
76666 Dessert Topping Master (Milk/50ml)
76667 Dessert Topping Master (Chocolate/50ml)
76668 Dessert Topping Master (Strawberry/50ml)
76669 Dessert Topping Master (Custard/50ml)

Will be updated as soon as we have more news

6 thoughts on “Future Tamiya releases to be presented at 52nd Shizuoka Hobby Show 2013

  1. GreatDane

    Looking forward the see the TRF101 in more detail.

    And let’s hope more rc will turn up as we get closer to the opening of the Hobby Show – say a Blazing Blazer 😉

    Looking forward for future updates, guys 🙂

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. Gamepuppy

    Still waiting/hoping to hear about any/all of the following re-releases:

    Blazing Blazer
    Ford Ranger 150
    The Super Champ

    The Fox

    Porsche 959 Rally & Celica Rally

  3. Jorge

    Still hoping to see a re-re of the Egress. I have a pistol grip radio waiting for it. Will be my final Tamiya re-re, although the Blazing Blazer would be tempting!

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