Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2012 Releases

TAMIYA 2012 ?

As in the previous years

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, mini, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments link at the end of this entry (comments are shown after being checked which can take some hours).

The team of thanks again for the continuously growing
reader base and support and wishes everyone a great 2012!

104 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2012 Releases

  1. Black Hole Sun

    Hi all

    My guesses :
    M05 Golf Racing Gr.2
    RM01 Porsche 956 Newman livery
    RM01 modern LeMans protoype (Audi R18, Peugeot 908)
    Wild One
    F104W/F103 Ligier Matra JS-9
    TB03 M-Four (rally version) unless a TB04 shows up (since WRC DS3/Focus/Mini look smaller, DF03Ra doesn’t seem appropriate anymore due to its wheelbase)
    TA02T Prerunner / Dakar Mini

    About the same πŸ˜€


    Lancia 037 on a M06L chassis with TL01 suspensions.
    This will be a great non expansive model and rear wheel drive is what the 037 all about.

  3. Radiant

    No idea what Tamiya will be up to, but hereΒ΄s my wishlist:

    *Porsche 959 + Celica gr B
    *Super Champ
    *The Fox

    All on original chassis of course:)

  4. steponit!

    Well, here’s my wishlist (not in alphabetical order):

    ~ Bruiser
    ~ Wild One
    ~ Porsche 959
    ~ Celica Gr. B
    ~ Cheetah
    ~ The Fox
    ~ Toyota Hilux

    So, Mr. T….hope you’re reading this! πŸ™‚

  5. JWeston

    Too many rumours about so I’ll skip the guesses and go straight to wish list:

    Fox. In the same spirit as the forthcoming Super Hot Shot and as original as possible. Maybe the ‘Super Fox’ or similar.

    That’d do for me πŸ™‚


  6. Mr. Screwloose

    Guesses :
    Almost the same list as BHS, plus a Vanquish, something on DN01 basis but more scale-ish.
    additionally 2012 could be the year of the highly awaited comeback of the legendary 959.

    -Renault RE30 F1 or anything vintage Renault Formula one
    -After the acclaimed release of the MiniZ buggy, it would be nice to have a mini4WD RC chassis

  7. Black Hole Sun

    Guesses are just crystalball thoughts, probably as reliable as rumors and new year’s good resolutions πŸ˜‰

    Question to Tamiyablog people: you always publish [i]reliable[/i] info, once are year you ask [i]us[/i] what are [i]our[/i] guesses and wishes: but what about [i]yours[/i]?

  8. lorenzo

    I’d like if tamiya will re-release old rc body with decals like:
    Castrol Tom’s supra
    Pennzoil skyline
    Mazda 787b

    more F1/ LeMans body like:
    F1 Red Bulls
    Audi R18

    touring cars like :
    TVR Sagaris
    Shelby Cobra
    and cool Drift Bodies

    and some Short Course TRF models

  9. henry

    I’d like a rere Bruiser too, the originals are too damn expensive, and still the vintage 3sp is part of tamiya’s history.

    A sure guess would be that Tamiya will release new bodies for the RM01, they haven’t designed a chassis from scratch simply for one kit, from Tamiya that would be unheard of.


    Lamborghini Murcialago Super Veloce
    Lamborghini Reventon
    Lamborghini Diablo
    The Fox
    The Wild One
    Avante 2001
    RBR Renault Turbo Sebastian Vettel F104 (!!!)
    Toyota Hil Lux

    Thats my list.

  11. philip

    hi all got to be porsche 959 and toyota grb ,wild one willys wheeler and the ford ranger f150 xlt then my collection will be getting there!!!

  12. Eugene

    a) Not so long ago I read a very interesting post here about the outstanding designer Mr. Takuya Yura. So … Gentlemen what about the Big Wig?

    Hotshot, Super Shot it was very nice and it would be great!
    But where the same have lost my favorite Hotshot 2?
    I really hope to compliance history.

    b) My personal wish is not very different from others πŸ™‚
    SUPER BigWig
    SUPER Champ
    SUPER Wild One
    SUPER Falcon
    SUPER Fox
    SUPER Lancia 037 Rally with frog chassis
    SUPER Celica Gr. B
    SUPER Toyota Hilux
    SUPER Blazing Blazer
    SUPER Opel Ascona 400 Rally
    SUPER Martini Porsche 935 Turbo 1/10
    SUPER every Tamiya classic RC!!!!

    c) It is very personal. Please Tamiya make a
    Lancia Delta S4 body with Martini Racing color scheme!

    Why Tamiya? Because Tamiya – the standard of quality!
    Attention to detail makes us modellers.

  13. admin Post author

    @Eugene: I really like that idea of new “Super” Versions, like they also did with the Avante Black Special, Super Blackfoot etc. and various Mini 4WD. I actually would prefer them to identical re-releases as they bring a new spice and life to the versions that most fans and collectors long have by now.

    I am also a bit disappointed that it seems that some fans only wish even more re-releases and have no ideas and hopes for something new and possibly even more interesting or nice then those “boring” classics that have been flooding collections, websites and ebay since a decade…


  14. doraemon

    TRF 418
    TRF 202
    would be possible

    my wish-list:
    Big Wig
    Super Champ
    WillyΒ΄s Wheeler
    Audi & Ascona

  15. Black Hole Sun

    @admin: not easy to anticipate what “real new stuff” Tamiya would release as their range of products is already wide (never been that wide, actually).

    I suggested an M-size 4WD shaft-driven chassis suitable for rally and newest shorter WRC cars (that would nicely complete the M-chassis family).

    Apart from that, I can’t think of any new chassis type that wouldn’t be a follower (Short Course) or confidential (moto, dragster, go-kart, quad/ATV bike, rocket cars). Something more “scale-Baja-tube-frame” like Axial’s Exo? Or a new Solar Eagle concept? Cell-fuel vehicle? I don’t think technology is ready for that at affordable price.

    May be you have an idea, wishes?

  16. Live_Steam_Mad

    Wish that Tamiya would have a go at some new “Scale” buggies or other vehicles like the ones in MotorStorm (PlayStation3) for example, in 1/10 scale.

    Or give us a decent line up from the British Touring Car Championship again in 1/10.

    Or some of the cars from Group B of the WRC from the mid 1980’s LOL

    I’d settle for The Fox rerelease! It had better be close to the original!


    Alistair G.

  17. KillerKip

    No guesses – only wishes (dreams):

    – M05 Abarth 500 (not the asseto corse version but the street version) – just a body set will do, too!
    – A chassis to compete with the Axial SCX10 (TLT-ish axles, very small gearbox, front mounted motor, and a nice ABS body with interiour like a G500, FJ Cruiser, Jeep JK, … Tamiya quality! + waterproof electronics box)
    – M1A1 Abrams tank
    – APC type tank like the Bradley
    – TXT-2, similar to TXT-1 suspension-wise but with heavy duty 1 motor (BL) gearbox with low COG and behind-the-axle steering rods.
    – Avante body parts set
    – Nissan R91CP body parts set
    – Group C interiour re-re
    – Top Force Evolution re-re
    – Separate decal sets for all cars (w/o body)
    – 1.9 and 1.55 beadlock wheels + decent crawl/trial tyres
    – Aston Martin DBS body parts
    – McLaren MP4-12c LM body parts
    – Dakar type racing truck (lorry if you will)

    And last but not least – perhaps just least likely:
    – Mr Tamiya’s signature on my copy of Master Modeler πŸ˜‰

    I’ll end it here as this probably exceeds my RC budget for 2012 already. Happy new year!

  18. admin Post author

    @Black Hole Sun: The other editors of TB and me as well some other posters have posted in the past years several wishes, there exist so many cool vehicles like classic rally cars, off roaders, trucks etc. Also as I wrote above, from re-releases I would prefer new “Super/Special” versions with improved chassis and spiced look then the originals.

  19. Black Hole Sun

    @admin: I agree for “vehicles” and I’d also like classic rally cars (not “super” versions of re-releasese since I prefer “as per original”). Would love Lancia Stratos/Delta S4, 205/405Turbo 16, Audi Quattro (A1 & Sport), Metro 6R4, Ford RS200.

    I was more focusing on chassis types and/or usage type when talking about “real new stuff” πŸ˜‰

  20. admin Post author

    @Black Hole Sun: About chassis types I would like to see a new “CC02” with solid front and rear axles and a new scaleish buggy chassis. Even many new vehicle types like amphibians are possible but I understand Tamiya that at current hard times it would be a too big risk. For me a re-release will never be an original and if I want an original I buy one. I love re-releases though for running and trying alternative paint schemes and modifications which I wouldn’t “dare” on the rare and precious originals.

  21. Eugene

    “I am also a bit disappointed that it seems that some fans only wish even more re-releases.”

    Oh no! See item “с” from my post. There’s wishes for the new, that will immediately become a classic… πŸ™‚ Classic Rally Group B cars, which listed by Black Hole Sun.

    Just sometimes I think that in this current hard times easier to produce tamiya re-releases that are guaranteed to be sold! πŸ™‚

    This spring, I built 1/8 Lancia Stratos based on Avante chassis. And it was great! Photography is not hard to find. But this is classic! Interestingly, the suspension design of Avante bit like Stratos. And what a beautiful physics…
    But do not ask me what body I used …
    You’ve guess …

    Best Regards

  22. admin Post author

    @Eugene: As I wrote I really liked your wishes and found them rather to be the exception πŸ™‚ Do you have photos of the Stratos, even if it has a K… body? Sure for Tamiya its easier to produce re-releases but sooner or later they will run out of them (the most interesting stuff has been re-released even now already) and then will have a problem if people start wanting Tamiya only for oldies.
    Best regards,

  23. Eugene

    Of course I have a photo. This is my project and it’s not a secret. I can send or post photos as you like.

  24. admin Post author

    @Eugene: Please feel free to post links to them here in the comments section.

  25. No Slack

    My wish for a long time (and I mailed my wish to Mr. T many years ago) is that Tamiya steps into the golden years of motor racing: the fifties. I like to see bodies (on rwd chassis with narrow tyres) of the Jaguar C and D , Ferrari 330, Ford GT40, Aston Martin DB1, etc. Kyosho made some in the past but Tamiya can do new versions. A field of cars, drifting around corners must be a good view. Bonus: these cars are easy on the decals

  26. philip

    admin i here what you say about one day they will run out of re-releases! but back in the days of the rough rider, hot shot, avante etc tamiya were way ahead of any other rc maufacturer on quality and ease of build and the hop-ups were endless!. but buy the early to mid nineties they started to lose there way i think it was when the touring cars started to hit the tracks,out went the lovely white boxes with the painted models in came the pictures of the actual model on the box! and the cars reflected the dare i say lack of imagination, so when i see those white boxes again i get that feeling i got when i was a kid looking in beatties window “i so want that!” hopfully with that new vw camper coming out tamiya will go back to the excellent quality and fun of the white box years!!!

  27. admin Post author

    @Philip: I also like the “oldschool” box arts, but they were the rule even quite later, only after approximately 58300 (around 2003) the dark boxes and even later the generic boxes with small adhesive photos took upper hand. It seems though Tamiya knows about it and still does great painted boxart for many important scaleish RC kits plus off course for their static kits.

  28. philip

    @hi admin, i had no idea it was around 2003 that they still did the painted box arts was that mainly all the on road cars ie: tb02 etc? and ya right there box art for there static kit are excellent! i just think people are starting to knock the re-re but if it was not for them i for one could not afford the originals that i would like and i no that people have probably thought that its wiped the value off there original collections but you can never replace an original and if i had the money id only go for originals so the re-re are a good second best!!

  29. Origineelreclamebord

    I really hope Tamiya releases a Solar Eagle v2: With looks a lot like the original Solar Eagle (because it looked ace!), Integrated Lithium cell so it can be charged in the sun when stationary so it’s not completely dependent of the sun, 3 wheels layout with 2 at the front like the original and more efficient, modern day solar panels.

  30. admin Post author

    @Origineelreclamebord: Nice proposal, a newer solar vehicle would represent the innovations and clean technologies of Tamiya and Japan in general very well. Last year in Nuremberg there was also a small Asian company that showed a hydrogen (fuel cell) powered RC car. I guess the first Solar Eagle didn’t sell very well as it was too forward for its time, to develop such trends a new race series would be helpful, where not speed but efficiency counts (like similar exist lately for 1:1 vehicles in different universities).

  31. Chris

    For sure I’d love to see a 956 re-issue. Then any vintage F1 cars would be fine by me. Does Tamiya take these comments into account? They should…

  32. torg

    Last few years have been good for Tamiya Releases, here’s a few wishes:

    Porsche 959
    Audi R18
    Mercedes SLR
    Pagani Zonda C12
    Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    McLaren MP4-12C
    Lotus Exige

  33. GrearDane

    You guys have many great ideas and wishes and I am with you on most of them.

    I am just waiting for Tamiya to take up my idea of converting the 1/8 TGX into an electric version using todays powerfull brushless motors and lipos.

    I did convert a 1/8 TGX in the 1995/1996 (as I recall) using a Tamiya modified motor, a Predetor motor mount, a custom made carbon fiber chassis and a Ni-Cd stickpack. Fairly heavy and yet pretty nimble πŸ™‚

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  34. JD Skyline

    Hi Admin

    Here are a couple of my all time favourites:

    Porsche 959
    Ford F150 Ranger XLT
    Toyota 4×4 Pick Up or the Bruiser or the Mountaineer
    Williams FW14 Renault
    Williams-Renault FW18
    Pennzoil Nismo GT-R
    Nismo Clarion GT-R LM
    Pennzoil Nismo GT-R R34
    Lancia 037 Rally
    March 782 BMW
    Red bull Racing F1 2011(Vettel/Webber)

    Thanks!! Great BLOG!!

    JD Skyline

  35. Gowell

    Dear Tamiya team,

    I wish very T-34/76 Tamiya 1:16 RC tank, initial or 1943 version. There are several T34 at this scale in the market, but none in the quality of Tamiya.

    Thank you.
    I wish your company a succesfull year.


  36. fabulescrawler

    My wishlist πŸ˜‰ :

    – Blazing Blazer
    – Toyota Hilux 4×4
    – Porsche 959
    – Toyota Celica Gr.B
    – Egress
    – Cheetah
    – Super Champ
    – Ford F-150 Ranger XLT
    – The Fox
    – Wild One
    – Astute

  37. Jay250GP

    My wishlist in no order of preference…..

    – Super Champ
    – Ford F-150 Ranger XLT
    – Lancia 037 Rally
    – Audi quattro & Ascona 400
    – modern LeMans protoype (Audi R18, Peugeot 908)
    – proper Nascar shell on group C chassis

    and if you’ve any time after that…how about a 1/12 scale version of modern buggies like the Honda Pilots, Rage etc…would be mean dirt machines!!

  38. ่ิ่jb

    They’ve come so close to my which list.
    – Egress
    – Wild One
    – Monster Beetle
    And for the 959, I wouldn’t mind if they put it on TA05-M4.

  39. scrawl

    Dear Tamiya Team,

    I wish a Toyota Tundra 4×4, which isn`t highlifted.
    There should be more clearance.
    It would be very cool, if there will be a roll bar for the
    Toyota Tundra.

  40. George

    Going off the special editions idea, i.e. the black avante, here’s what I’d love to see:

    Super Fox (Original Fox was my first true RC car)
    GMC Typhoon (this would be a new rc model)
    Any CanAm series race car
    Bruiser/Hilux Delux (fully kitted with lights, etc.)
    Black BigWig

  41. Niels Peter

    My thoughts on future releases:

    A chassis (no idea which) with the Taisan Starcard body (since it’s been re-released … sadly without decals)

    M07 πŸ˜‰

    Hope for some f103-f104 chassis with modern Le Mans LMP1 bodies

  42. Papi


    -racing shaft chassis πŸ˜€ Four years waiting for TB-EVO 6 and still nothing… But after awesomatix’s out, maybe other factories will return to shaft drive πŸ™‚

    -RWD TC with full-independent suspension πŸ˜€ Rally version of TRF-201 or DN-01 would be great to (I have Ansmann RR buggy modified for rally and it’s great car)

    – and LOT of standart-sized rally bodies from group B to WRC πŸ™‚

  43. Steve Selasky

    1/12TH Scale Lotus 72d 1972
    1/12TH Scale Lotus 72E 1973
    1/12TH Scale Tyrrell P34 Japanese Version
    1/12TH Scale Ferrari 312T2 1977


    Its has to be a vintage re-re for me…

    Probably the BLAZING BLAZER or maybe 58001 in its original kit box form… No, think I’ll stick with the BB

  45. Cortex

    – 4WD M-chassis with shaft, I love shaft, now and forever…

    – The re-re still good, Monster Beetle (for the three musketeers reunion), Le-mans, vintage 3 speed or something that seems impossible to see on shelf again with a single life time…

    – I started with Mini4WD (long times ago…) so I wish to see Mini4WD grow together. Such like Beat Magnum upscale to 1:10 and might apply cool on Direct Drive chassis (don’t mind even it 2WD) and many open wheels bodies suit well on buggies too. Yes, Big boy need something Bigger, why left cool design just in the lane.

    Anyway, I can’t purchase them all @ once… πŸ˜›

    About my English, sorry if it made you headache.

  46. Stuart

    For me it has to be:
    #1 Blazing Blazer.
    #2 Super Champ
    #3 Lamborgini Cheetah
    #4 Audi Quattro (on modern 4WD chassis).

  47. roman

    more older f1 bodies
    williams fw14
    ferrari 412t2
    mclaren mp 4/4
    mclaren mp 4/7
    that cars was so beautifull and i think they will by buyed!!!

  48. Alex

    Not in order:
    *1 Subaru BRZ GT300 1/10
    *2 TRF 418
    *3 TA06-R or TRF etc
    *4 Lexus LFA 1/10
    *5 Feista RS, DS3, MINI JCW WRC 1/10
    *6 More newer WTCC,BTCC, super GT bodysets
    *7 TT02, TB04 lolol

  49. Matheus

    I wish that red Toyota Hilux 4×4 with different ( larger ) rear body back. Not that High lift with ford chassis and lexan body

  50. kit1938

    R/C Ferrari 312T2 1977 58011
    R/C Toyoat PICK UP 4X4 58028
    R/C Datsun 280ZX 58022
    R/C Honda City Turbo Willy’s Whreeler 58039

  51. norman page

    wishing tamiya would begin producing 1/48 scale modern tanks such as the leopard II and abrams

  52. Jermaine

    All I want from Tamiya, is a re-release of the 1987 Toyota Celica Gr.B RS, and it’s spare parts, but redone with much stronger materials for the arms and a more modern suspension. PLEASE keep the same transmission layout with the center diff as this is what made it such a thrill to drive. two versions might even be a good idea. The original size and a 1/10 scale.

  53. Storm

    Dear Tamiya,

    Please re-release the TL-01LA plus its hop ups.
    I really like this kit because of its simplicity and sealed drivetrain and Im a fan of monocoque chassis.

    Or better yet, redesign it; make it accommodate Reversible Suspension Arms, Carbon Shock Stays, Inline batt placement, adjustable droop, twin steering bellcranks, lower/wider gear ratios (4:5:1 to 7:5:1), aluminum motor mount and call it the TL02.

    Hope to see that soon!

    With LiPo or LiFE batts getting standardized, TT01 platform is getting left behind. Add the suspension sloppiness (specially at the front), the enjoyment factor doesnt last long. Id get a TL01 over a TT01 if only it had tons of hop ups and spares just like before. DF03RA was one of my options but its gear ratio is limited to 7:2:1 something, and we need lower gear ratios– 5:0:1 below.

    Also release smaller spurs and bigger pinions as Im stuck with the gearing of my FF03 Pro.

  54. Old school 's cool

    Dear Tamiya,

    This is my dream list for 2012 (and long before):

    1) SuperChamp (upgraded mechanismbox)
    2) FordRanger f150 (upgraded: fitable on standard SRB chassis, without lower rollbar, becomes minor hi-lifted, equipped with more realistic tires).
    3) WildOne (with black rollcage like FAV2011)
    4)Something NEW and SPECIAL for all RC fanatics…:
    a real SandRail (like FUNCO 2012 or BUCKSHOT 2012). Technology these days makes it possible to work with smaller an fewer parts so it could happen… … … .

  55. Admin Capitan America

    Dear Tamiya wish for years:

    T34/85 RC 1:16 Full Optional Kit
    Jagdtiger RC 1:16 Full Optional Kit
    Sturmtiger RC 1:16 Full Optional kit
    Stug IV RC Full Optional Kit
    M4A3 Sherman V.V.S.S. RC 1:16 Full Optional Kit
    MK IV Churchill RC 1:16 Full Optional Kit
    Reply Vanquis 1:10 Off Road RC

  56. Tamiya Nut

    1.Wild One
    2.Wild One
    3.Wild One
    4.Wild One

    Come on please re release this one especially since the FAV ia already out shouldnt take much more machining

  57. Old school 's cool

    Looking at “new item” updates, an other cool idea would be releasing some vintage media to frame, like 1,5ft x 2ft posters of all our beloved box-art:
    The SandScorcher, BuggyChamp, Ford 150, SuperChamp, Blazer, Toyota Pickup, Frog, … Grasshopper, Hornet, HotShot … and on and on and on.

  58. Lee

    I’d like….
    1. Egress
    2. Vanquish
    3. Super Champ
    4. Astute

    Re-Re them all again in order πŸ™‚ one a month

  59. Anthony

    Dear Tamiya…
    SO many I would love to see again…

    Super Champ for SURE!!
    Dyna Storm!!
    The Audi Quattro from the eighties…
    The Wild One!!

    Please Tamiya, please keep it going with the awesome re-releases that I couldn’t afford to buy when I was a kid!

  60. kai

    1/24 Racecars!
    Preferably any Le Mans 24 hours racer.
    On top of my wish list is a 1/24 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2 or a V12 Vantage GT3
    Secondly McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    Any LMP, GT2, GT3 car would do in fact. Maybe a BMW DTM? or a Honda HSV-010 SuperGT
    These of course in 1/24!!! No more loads of 1/10! But a proper 1/24 race car!

  61. Antistar

    Dear Tamiya, i have been using your products since 1996 so will be happy to see re-release of vintage body parts such as Escort RS etc. I am very happy to see your announcement of Toyota Celica on fair but more WTCC cars specially Volvo.

    I am using TA05 V2 and happy with its performance waiting for TA06 PRO R version

  62. Chi

    Dear Tamiya,

    We need something as Legend back in the days such as Toyota Celica Gr.B, Juggernautt 1/2…

    Hope that happens someday.

  63. Bill Ainsworth


    Tamiya has been the leader in quality and with providing new subjects in the Waterline Series since 1972. Your most recent releases, Repulse, Renown, E Class and Vampire continue in that direction. However, I would like to encourage you to introduce more kits of the WW2 vintage from the Allied forces. Dorsetshire, Cornwall, Ajax, Achilles, Exeter, USN 4 stack destroyers, USN Sims class DD, USN Brooklyn class CL; all would be high selling kits in foreign markets. You are the best maker of destroyer kits in the market. Please consider more than Japan’s domestic market when you choose your next subject.

    Sincerely and with best regards.

  64. Elliott

    I would like to see the Wild One, Falcon, Juggernaut, Lancia Delta Rally (The one on the frog chassis) Toyota Hi-Lux Monster Racer, Nissan King Cab, Bear Hawk, Bigwig and the Fox

  65. Robeski

    I think a line of collectible models based on their RC line would be sweet. Maybe metal parts, working shocks, etc. Imagine a set of 1/24 scale buggys like Bigwig, Frog, Fox, Wild One sitting on your shelf! Or trucks like Blackfoot, Monster Beetle and Clod Buster! It would be a big hit with nostalgic collectors (not to mention easier on the wallet than Super Hotshots LOL) and car collectors as well.

    As far as RC models, I’d like to see a solid 1/10 4wd rally chassis thats reasonably priced and easily upgraded so anyone can afford to use it. I see someone mentioned a re-vamp of TL-01, and perhaps thats not a bad idea for rally. Love the DF-03ra but its price will keep beginners from trying a good rally driving.

  66. Matt

    I Love to see the below Re- released’

    1. Super Champ
    2. Hot Shot II
    3. Super Champ
    4. Wild one
    5. Super Champ

  67. Niels de Zwijger

    I’d love to see the following re releases:

    1. Porsche 959
    2. Celica Gr.B
    3. Egress
    4. Nissan King Cab
    5. Mazda 787B Renown

    Those are my all time favourites.


  68. Hitch

    Why can’t Tamiya release 1:16 full option tanks from countries other than Germany, I for one would be first in the queue to buy a full option British Army Challenger II or any of the British Army’s Royal Engineer Armoured vehichles – Titan and Trojan, a Bridge Layer on a Challenger II chassis, imagine that in 1:16?

  69. Simonc

    For me it would have to be:

    Monster Beetle
    Porsche 959

    All cars I have owned all cars I would like to own again.

  70. turbo32

    I think it would be great to see 1/12 288GTO in plastic like enzo( which is absolutely stunning BTW) or maybe some 1/12 kit from skyline range, R34 with standard tamiya detailing would be all GTR fan dream come true πŸ™‚

  71. craig higgins

    I think Tamiya should concentrate or bringing back the older models with the origional packaging, just look at how much they can make with the Bruiser, and the enthusiast gets an origional model, not one of the newer cheaply packaged ones.

    My list would go, Can am Lola/Datsun 280z, Mountaineer, Lamborghini Cheetah/ Countach, Ford F150 and Porsche 959, but please Tamiya, all in the blister pack boxes.

    And how about a radio controlled touring coach on the same scale as the king hauler etc?

    That would be great!!!

  72. craig higgins

    Oh and i forgot, how about some battery packs in the old retro grey and white hard cases?

    If tamiya sees a market for re releasing old r/c models, surely they must see that the collectors would like the vintage motors, ( Technigold ) battery’s ( hard case in white with 80’s styling) and chargers, all beit with newer electronics inside?

  73. DumboDebt...

    Very good point, it’s the packaging that tamiya should focus on. We are willing to pay more for the re releases because 1) we can own the models we wanted as kids but couldnt afford… 2) the quality of the boxes and packaging was so much better.

    I personally will not buy any of the models that have the cheap looking photographs on them, i only buy the ones with the boxart paintings…

    Do you think anyone at Tamiya reads this forum, can someone tell the to bring back the blister packs?


  74. Rov'in

    How about a

    Range rover sport?

    With four wheel independent long travel suspension?

    That would be sweet.

  75. Matt

    Since the Tamiya Rough Rider was re-relased under the name “Buggy champ” which I do own and love, And since it’s having it’s 30th Birthday this year, what about the Super champ re-released as the

    “SUPER BUGGY CHAMP” ; ) ; )

    PLEASE ; )


    I must have said this before, but ….
    Avante 2001 re release, that would be brilliant-it would be the final chapter in the Avante story. Give “Balmy Baldwin” a chance to dust off his overalls and hit the road again!
    Loved that car back in 1991, still do to this day-I have the Avante re release and the Avante Black special too, both very good!

    This re-re would just be the last piece of the Avante family tree. (Please dont mention “vanquish”-it doesnt count!)

  77. Andy

    Please bring back the Audi Quattro as Original Kit , it was my first RC , and still love it ! πŸ™‚

    and the Blazing Blazer would be a blast from the past πŸ˜›

    Regards Andy

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