Future Tamiya releases to be presented at 51st Shizuoka Hobby Show 2012

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Updated 12.04.2012

RC Kits

Toyota GT-86 (TT-01E)

XV-01 PRO Chassis kit
Motor suspension features only enhance the covered some in the dirt to the chassis structure was sealed radio box that are friendly to dust resistance The rally chassis multi-purpose can accommodate the road and various other parking and off-road, the belt drive PRO Chassis Kit to realize is standard equipment Motor production item is sold separately spot OP TRF damper parts, such as strengthening and universal shaft driving belt stable by placing the front overhang.
Tamiya kit assembly XV-01 PRO Chassis Kit Electric RC 1/10 [tentative name] is a limited item.
Off-road and parking, a multi-purpose chassis rally appeared.
Adopted the suspension only increase the dust covered some excellent chassis structure, in the dirt.
Driven layout is put on the front overhang and weight of the motor is belt drive, run a certain sense of stability even realize.
The PRO chassis kit was equipped with a standard OP enhance TRF damper parts, such as a belt drive shaft universal and improved, the quality of the ride.
Finished in compact gear box while keeping the front motor split into upper and lower motor is adopted considering the maintainability of the gear.
OP was prepared as off-road parts to the road surface changes from moment to moment is essential, a slipper clutch also.
Radio box (chassis)
Dust-proof radio box that are friendly to the most anxious in the off-road riding.
Also equipped with four-wheel inner fender, each hatch is screwed.
The space is also equipped with ESC-like duct removable cover, we have also taken into account design and exhaust heat.
The battery is the battery access hatch chassis from the bottom.
As an internal structure with a packing cover, radio box and leads, in the hatch has also been completed at the connector connection.
Adopt a long steering tie rod steering proven in touring car.
Structure difficult to lock the discharge port is provided, such as pebbles at the bottom of the chassis.
Only type suitable for off-road riding with improved suspension arms also covered some also.
Rear suspension rear suspension geometry was adopted reversible.
Stroke in addition to securing a higher ride height in mind off-road riding, you can quickly adjust the toe angle as well as another body in the suspension mounts.
Part XV-01 PRO Chassis Kit as standard:
TRF damper
Universal 4-wheel shaft
Full Ball Bearings
Enhanced belt drive
Aluminum Turnbuckle (Blue)

RC F104 ver.II
F104 get adopted in the RM-01 chassis “link rear suspension pivot ball”, Rowadekki become a new shape by adopting setting in higher dimensions is now more possible suspension New is the integrated mechanical space 3mm thick carbon fiber,
Center also serves as a damper mount upper deck,
Motor standard equipment, tires, wing production This item is also sold separately spot OP and various other kinds of parts RM-01 aluminum rolling / pitching damper provides lightweight and rigidity by mounting plate made of carbon as well as body.

RC TA05-VDF2 (RC Limited)
2.5mm carbon lower deck was a bold new shape is without meat cutting,
aluminum motor mount configuration and design of the new design in pursuit of the upper frame is flexible, such as mosquito change significantly from VDF and single. Specifications belt drive system with 3 position to bring down the spar that was on the motor, you place the center ball diff belt before, after direct. Drive ratio is around 37T, 18T center
Short Ribasasu enhanced steering equipment, such as the TRF damper is possible Tire, wheel, motor items also sold separately Limited mosquito Ackermann grip by reclassification of the link specification.

Mitsubishi Pajero Metaltop Wide (RC Limited)
Mechanical four wheel drive and real body feeling, enjoy decorating ran appeared in 1993, assembled radio control electric cars that reproduces the Pajero Metal Top Wide Mitsubishi popular high as cross-country 4WD Konasu to Town youth from off-road kit. Equipped with a motor on the front midship, front gear, to transfer the power at the rear propeller shaft. Mechanical vehicle chassis configuration with plenty of mood is a charm. Suspension is equipped with superior driving performance oil dampers front and double wishbone rear suspension of 4-link rigid. The feeling of driving plus a tire or a wheel ABS resin body, including the full sense of scale further. Can be fitted LED headlights and fog lights on. You can also enjoy light lit and incorporate TLU-01 (sold separately).

Team Lotus Type 102B (F104W) (RC Limited)
★ appeared in the F104W Lotus Type 102B chassis is team fared better in F1 in 1991 with a Tamiya mark. ★ body, rear wing is made ​​of polycarbonate. Molded rear wing stay is realistic. ★ The F104 chassis and slim battery and the upright position, use the front suspension arm for the F103 chassis. ★ equipped with high-grip sponge tires. ※ radio use: export spec GT-I 2.4G (RC set for electric cars)

FF-03R Chassis Kit (RC Limited)
★ unique handling characteristics of front-wheel drive FF-03 was more polished chassis of charm, its driving. ★ newly designed gear case with a built-in Giyadefu. In addition, a dedicated battery plate made ​​of 2mm thick carbon is improved roll stiffness them have the role of the upper deck. ★ rich set of option parts such as aluminum suspension mounts and TRF Special Damper. ※ radio use: export spec GT-I 2.4G (RC set for electric cars)

XB Hornet by JUN WATANABE (RC Limited)
XB series appeared in Mr. Hornet ★ JUN WATANABE to oversee the design department has designed ZOZOTOWN. ★ An impressive body of coloring and markings painted. Choose a location that does not run in 2WD chassis simple. ★ RC mechanism, 2.4GHz there is no need of replacement crystal. Transmitter employs a grip and trigger even cover your hand size, easy to use.

RC Parts

4×4 Off-road Car Rubber Parts Set B
4×4 Off-road Car Rubber Parts Set A
DB02 Reinforced Joint Cup
RM-01 Rear Tread Spacer Set
RM-01 Up Light Shaft (For 1/8×5/16 inch Bearing)
06 Hard coat Alumi Pinion Gear (23T)
Fluoric Coat 5mm Alumi Short Boll Nut M2 (4pcs)
TRF 04 Hard coat Alumi Pinion Gear (30T)
TRF 04 Hard coat Alumi Pinion Gear (29T)
TRF 04 Hard coat Alumi Pinion Gear (28T)
TRF 04 Hard coat Alumi Pinion Gear (27T)
TRF 04 Hard coat Alumi Pinion Gear (26T)
TRF 04 Hard coat Alumi Pinion Gear (25T)
TRF 04 Hard coat Alumi Pinion Gear (24T)
RM-01 Carbon Lower Brace
RM-01 Carbon Lower Deck
RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor
FF-03RTitanium Bis Set (RC Limited)

Mini 4WD

Avante Jr. (Mini 4WD)
Vanquish Clear Special (Polycarbonate Body/VS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
Saint Dragon Premium (VS Chassis) (Mini 4WD)
Mini 4WD REV Series Aero Avante (AR Chassis)

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  1. Papi

    XV-01 sounds good… Real rally special, not only narrowed buggy like DF-03Ra.. maybe it will be usable for real rally not only for rallycross 🙂

  2. Mr. Screwloose

    I can’t wait ot see this Rally car; It would be cool to have in the same package spare parts and tyres to get an onroad and offroad car.

    RC brands seem to try to create new categories with high potential of sales : M-chassis, F1, Pancars, crawlers…None of them has emerged as something popular enough to make Rc Cars a populars as in golden era.

    So why not Rally cars?

    We’re sick of helicopters.

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